Pitfalls of Marrying an Entrepreneur

Pitfalls of Marrying an Entrepreneur

Financial independence gives a couple all the comfort everyone desires since they have little worry about their bills and holiday expenses. In fact, it is the dream of any woman to stay with a financially stable husband, little do they know of the pitfalls that await them. For an entrepreneur there is nothing called as “enough money”, they are always on the move to get more. The addiction to business ideas gives them little or no time to spend with their families. The excuse is always “I am looking for money to make you comfortable” These are people who will never leave a business meeting to spend time with their family; they would rather shower you with cash but maintain their business status.

Money does not buy happiness- a common saying among marriage experts. You need a high level of tolerance to massage the ego of your entrepreneur husband or wife. The little messages  of love is just words for them. On a sad note, just the same way they spend money to maintain a business is the same way they will treat you as a spouse. Do you really need money or love?

Here are some of the pitfalls of marrying an entrepreneurial spouse:

1. Bossy spouse

You have to cope with someone who is used to giving instructions and make serious decisions in the corporate world. Entrepreneurs do not differentiate between corporate set ups and family. The same way the juniors never question them at work over their action is exactly what they emulate at home. You end up being a baby because of their control-freak nature.

When an entrepreneur marries a fellow entrepreneur. Imagine two bosses who have an emotional connection and they all want to be bossy. Who will be submissive to engage in a passionate talk?

2. Little time for family

Look at a scenario where both partners run different enterprises or they are co-partners in the family business. They hardly get time to devote to their family life. This is the type of home run by baby sitters and nannies. Children get spoilt with gifts to camouflage the absentee father and mother. Before you notice, you have spoilt children who engage in truancy, which in turn creates strains in your marriage. When not properly handled, it can even lead to divorce.

3. Strenuous married life

An entrepreneur always has empires to build in the mind, with or without money at hand. As a partner, you have to possess the heart of gold to support and offer solutions to this ideal business idea. Instead of having fun moment talking about your love and appreciating your spouse, you discuss the business plans. It is monotonous to deliberate over building your enterprise rather than focus on your relationship and emotional connection.

4. Unrealistic expectations

Things never go on as expected, before an enterprise becomes profitable there are ups and downs in the business. It translates to longer working hours which they expect you to understand and never question. When things are rough, all the anger is projected to the partner. Infact, most of your conversations center on the failed product or service with an expectation of a solution from the spouse who may have little idea of the investment. The entrepreneur feels that their partner is not supportive.

5. Irrationality in marital affairs

Near perfection is a character trait of most entrepreneurs. They expect their partners to make the right decision all the time. Any slight poor logic reasoning leads to anger projection towards the partner. There is nothing called weakness in their vocabulary. They expect nothing but the best from the partners, which is quite irrational and creates a huge amount of pressure on the other partner

6. Treat you as co-partners

Naturally, men are known to be the providers while women are caretakers. Marrying an entrepreneurial wife means she looks at you like her co-partner. The question now comes, who then will be the caregiver? On the contrary, an entrepreneurial husband expects the wife to run the family and handle all the household responsibilities alone, which can be overwhelming.
Although marrying an entrepreneur gives you the financial security, the emotional connection – the pillar of any marriage- becomes inadequate leading to high cases of divorce among entrepreneurial couples.

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