Marriage Vows For Him That Will Sweep Her Off Her Feet

Marriage vows for him that will sweep her off her feet

Getting married is a wonderful thing, and a big part of that is the words that you say to each other at the altar. This is what connects you and helps you to become an official married couple (and so you really want to make them count!) If you are trying to think through the best marriage vows, then you may want to dig deep and do a bit of soul searching. This is the time to show your undying love for your bride; so you may want to go over and above the more traditional wedding vows to make it truly special.


When you are thinking of marriage vows, you want them to come straight from the heart! Try to keep in mind that women are all about romance, and so you want to try to appeal to this in the words that you say to her. You can pull from the more traditional wedding vows, but you can also insert a bit of your personality. Think of what you could say to her that would sweep her off her feet, and which could cement your commitment and dedication to her.


Speak from the heart and it will always pay off

While considering marriage vows, just let the words flow freely. Don’t hold yourself back and don’t limit yourself, but rather just let your heart take over and do the talking. This proves to be the most sincere and really speaks to her soul. This is your chance to speak to her on a special level, and that means that you put yourself out there and make yourself a bit vulnerable.


If you are unsure or feel uncomfortable, then pull away from the traditional and keep it simple. Add in something humorous or a romantic memory, or commit yourself to her in that moment. Wedding vows can be short and sweet, but they should show just how much you love your woman. This is your chance to show that you will love her and protect her for the rest of your life—and that’s what wedding vows are all about!