What to Do After the First Date When You Really like a Person

What to Do After the First Date When You really Like a Person

Dating is part of courtship. Men and Women date each other to check if they are potential life partners or just a big headache that would need a restraining order.

Some people find it hard to get dates, some have too many. The world is not fair, deal with it. Focus on your own relationship, ignore gossip, and this blog is about what to do after your first date. Like every successful operation,  whether medical, military, or corporate the first thing that needs to be done is to do a review.

Women call their besties right away to do it. Men either think about it alone or brag about it with their peers over a beer.

Because there are literally hundreds of possibilities how a first date can end, we will just focus on successful ones. Most people will no go out with the same person after a disastrous first date. But there are cases when they do agree to go out again, and that already tells you everything you need to know how the other party feels about you.

We will focus on couples that are serious about having a relationship with each other. If you just want to get laid, this blog post is not for you.

There are three things you need to think about after your first date; 

1. What did you learn about the person

This is the most important reason why couples date in the first place. It is a personal information exchange, we want to know more about the person and check if you want to marry them or strangle them.

We start with fun things because it’s easier to bond when we are having fun. Granted, bonding can happen during times of adversities, but it would be stupid for two people to set an appointment together just to piss each other off.

Consider the future, will a meat foodie enjoy living with an ardent vegetarian? Would someone with a wanderlust share their dreams with a homebody? Can a bookworm appreciate life with someone who doesn’t read? Love and passion become stale after a few years. The likelihood that you will stay with your partner depends on enjoying their company and doing things together.  Steady dating tests those waters. 

2. The kind of attraction you have for each other

Men and women may consent to kiss and hug at some point during their date, even if it’s just their first date together.  Things may get excessively influenced by hormones, but what is important is the comfort level. Besides, being sexually attracted to a potential mate is a good thing.

If things go well, you will eventually end up being physically intimate. Testing sexual chemistry at some point is always part of the dating game. Did you enjoy having physical contact with the person? Or is it so repulsive you would rather drink poison?

Courtship is about finding suitable mates for procreation. Physical attraction and enjoyment is a big part of it.

The question here is, is the physical intimacy developing deep emotional bonds or just lust? 

3. What kind of impression did you leave behind

What kind of impression did you leave behind

After examining if you liked the person enough to continue dating, you would now have to consider if they liked you back. It is normal on first dates to put your best foot forward. Give it your best, but make sure you are still you. Don’t pretend to be someone you are not, that never ends well. Some people lie on first dates to cover up their weaknesses.

If lying helps to make the other person feel at ease, then go ahead with the white lies. Past that, honesty is the best policy.

So after you have shown your best, told your white lies, what kind of impression did you leave with your date? Are they going home with the feeling that they should see you again? Did they enjoy spending their valuable time and money with you? I know it’s difficult to have an objective assessment of yourself, this is why women call their BFF’s. If you ask your date, you will find only yourself on the receiving end of white lies.

Here’s what to do after the first date-

Thank the other person for their time and fill the gap

In the Digital Age, there is no reason why you can’t thank the person after you get home safe. It only takes a few seconds to compose a short Thank you message to a person who spent a few hours with you.

If it’s not possible to meet again in the next few days, continue on with your conversations electronically. Hopefully, you were a good date and listened to what the other party has to say. That way, you know what interesting conversations were left hanging and you can pick up where you left off.

If you suddenly go dark after one date. Nobody will take that positively. However, if you message them right away, and they respond. It’s a great sign that you’ve made a connection.

After your review, go on another date right away

So what to do after a first date? If it’s successful, then it’s important to get a second date. The sooner, the better. People who enjoyed each other company will find ways to see other as soon as possible. Either party can initiate the contact. It’s no longer a boy invites girl world.

If too much time passes after the first date, weird questions and speculations would start filling both your heads. The longer the gap, the more negative the speculations.

Those ideas stay on their head the entire time and could ruin the next date.

So how do you get a second date? It’s simple, ask. Do it as soon as possible. If the other party enjoyed your date, then they would say yes, or at the very least they would let you know when they are free.

So what to do after the first date? Lock in a second one.

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