How to Slow down a Relationship?

How to Slow down a RelationshipDo you feel like things are going too fast for you to handle? Are there moments when you stop and think it’s too soon? Don’t worry it’s completely normal!

It is definitely true that new relationships are exciting and even the dullest of activities become fun. However, hurried unions can lead to disappointment because you can become infatuated with the romantic phase of the whole process.

It’s always better to take your time instead of dealing with unexpected heartbreak.

Here are a few useful tips to slow things down a bit:

1. Giving spaceou’ll start valuing your partner more if you see them occasionally

If both of you are meeting every other day, maybe it’s time to reduce the number of dates. Shift your dates from thrice a week to thrice a month. It may sound hard but the point of this is to make you realize what your priorities are.

Also, you’ll start valuing your partner more if you see them occasionally.

It will also make you think about the fact that if the person you’re dating is the right match for you or not. As difficult as it may sound, try to focus more on your work or important tasks.

2. Group hangouts

Hanging out in a group is a very smart way to decrease the pace of your relationship and get to know your partner more.

You spend time with them but they are not the only ones you hang out with. It will lessen the serious mood of your date and you may learn more about their personalities in a group of people. Plus you’ll get meet a newer set of people resulting in more enjoyment.

3. Social media hurdles

If you really want to work on slowing down your relationship then try calling or texting less. In the beginning, it is bound to be tough. However, do remember it is a test of self-control and commitment.

It doesn’t mean you start ignoring them but just keep it balanced.

Even in the case of Instagram DMS, Snapchat or Facebook messages, be more careful. You can start by decreasing the number of phone or video calls. With time, you’ll feel relaxed and less anxious.

4. Devote time to your personal lifeDevote time to your personal life

A lot of people especially women tend to give their emotional energy to their partner. They start avoiding close friends or family only to spend time with their significant other.

Now, this is a way of life that you should surely avoid. Don’t be dependent on your partner because you are an individual with an identity of your own.

If you make the mistake of getting blinded by emotions and feelings then there is a chance that you might get severely hurt in the future.

You can indulge in hobbies like baking, reading, exercising or even volunteering because they are not only good for the mind but also for the soul.

5. Be honest

Honesty is surely the best policy. You need to express your feelings and be open about what you think. Tell your partner that you don’t want to end things but you like to move at your own pace. If they’re serious about the relationship, they’ll definitely respect your decision. Just make sure you’re gentle and considerate.

As mature adults, it is our duty to act our age, talk it out and prevent misunderstandings. You never know maybe your partner might also be feeling the same way.

Logically, the concept of love at first sight just doesn’t exist. A relationship needs to be given more time and space in order to take its course naturally.

You really need to know each other before making a serious decision. Hopefully, these tips provided you with some guidance and input. Now you know what to do.