Marriage Foundation: Saving Marriages Worldwide

Marriage Foundation Saving Marriages Worldwide

Cultures all over the world perform a marriage ritual to start a family. It’s a joyous celebration when a man and a woman declare their love for one another and start their own family.

Unfortunately, not all marriages have a happy ending. In the US alone, 50% of marriages end in a divorce. It’s stupid to assume that people marry with the intention of getting divorced. Each one began with the hope that it would last forever.

It is possible to save a lot of these unions, if they had help. Marriage Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to saving marriages and dramatically improving the lives of couples worldwide.

The Marriage Foundation and Its Mission

TMF or The Marriage Foundation is a non-profit organization that aims at transforming lives by turning their marriage into a source of continual happiness and fulfillment.

They offer free marriage help, advice, webinars, videos, blogs to anyone who wishes to gain more insight into a harmonious relationship. You can also email their counselors through their website for free advice on life and marriage problems.

They offer a paid online marriage course to save any marriage in 12-weeks. It’s a system developed by the TMF Founder, Paul Friedman. He authored two books on marriage, produced a myriad of resources, and personally saved hundreds of marriages worldwide.

A unique and systematic approach

One of the keys to a successful marriage is communication.

People fail to understand that it’s important because men and women are fundamentally different. That is why it is necessary to have open communication between the husband and wife to have a fulfilling relationship.

However, TMF believes that laying out a roadmap for the couple to work together without working out their own individual differences is ineffective. Paul believes that one course for the husband, the wife, and then another as a couple will work best after his experience with hundreds of face-to-face counseling.

Paul’s step-by-step system will enable people with distressed relationships to reestablish the foundations and strengthen their marriage as a whole.

I’m happy and satisfied, we don’t need it!

The grasshopper sings in the sun while the ant stores food for winter.

One reason why Paul believes that there should be a separate course for men and women is that they may have varying levels of “satisfaction.” Individuals themselves have a varying level of tolerance and happiness. Most people would accept their spouse words at face value and interpret it in ways that that applies to themselves.

For example –

A couple may find Ali Wong funny. They both laugh at her jokes and stories about pregnancy. The husband and wife can agree that she is hilarious. However, that doesn’t mean that they enjoyed her antics at the same level. The man can say, yeah it’s funny, but believes Dave Chappelle is way better.  The woman can say the exact same thing but believes she is the best stand-up comedian who ever lived.

When they hear each other’s comments, the man can interpret it as, she likes her jokes, probably at the same level as Tina Fey. The woman can interpret it as he agrees with me that Ali Wong is the best.

Things like that will create small cracks in a relationship.

The Marriage Foundation system is not just for distressed marriages, it helps people anticipate and resolve problems before they happen.

Sounds interesting, but I don’t want to invest money Into It!

Sounds interesting, but I don't want to invest money Into It!

The Marriage Foundation is a non-profit company and provides most of its services and resources for free. Paul’s books the “Lessons for a Happy Marriage” and “Breaking the Cycle” are available for a low price.

The first one focuses on resolving underlying issues that can result in a permanent and positive shift in your relationship. The second one is a functioning marriage manual rooted in biology and psychology.

Apart from the 12-week proprietary program and the two books, everything else is available free of charge. Contacting their volunteer counselors via email for your specific questions and problems are also free.

Your marriage, like your health, is a major factor in your overall well-being. It is a part of you and a determinant of your future happiness. But TMF understands that not all couples can afford to spend on marriage courses when the household financial budget is already constrained as it is.

That is why to uphold its mission of helping marriages, it provides plenty of resources on their website, offers military discounts, and even extended payment programs for its online courses. For as low as $10-30 dollars a week, couples can avail of the 12-step course.

Can the marriage foundation guarantee a happy marriage?

It has a long track record of helping hundreds of marriage worldwide since 2003. However, it would be irresponsible to claim that it worked for everyone.

The Marriage Foundation helps prevent couples from breaking up and living through a messy divorce. It can also help happy couples have a more fulfilling relationship. But it is not going to do the work for you.

It is the map, the compass, the flashlight, GPS, and a support line for people in their journey of marriage. But it cannot, for all intents and practical purposes, make the journey for you.

Everything about life is about making good decisions.

Marriage is just a part of life and falls under the same rules. The Marriage Foundation provides a systematic approach to guide couples to make the right choices. The choice is ultimately is yours to make. TMF is there to support you along the way on your journey so you and your spouse do not grope in the dark and end up hopelessly lost.

Marriage is a lifelong commitment

There are very few things in the world that measures up to it. One of those is Parenting and that is still a part of marriage. It is a serious matter and an important part of our life. TMF believes that couples deserve all the help they can get to achieve their marital goals and find happiness and fulfillment from it.