Four Possibilities to Show You Are Addicted to a Person

Four Possibilities to Show You Are Addicted to a Person

Can you be addicted to a person? The answer to this question is –

Addiction is real.

It hits you hard which is why you feel a rush of adrenaline in your veins. It feels like your brain cells have started to function and you are ready to conquer the world. There’s a different kind of high and buzz which addicted people experience due to their intense addiction.

For the record, limiting addiction to drugs, booze or gambling is imprecise. Human beings can end up becoming victims of any form of addiction. Getting yourself hooked on love, sex, internet, gadgets, shopping, beverages, Netflix, food, and so on, is inevitable most of the times.

Addiction can only render short-lived pleasure.

Nonetheless, can you be addicted to a person? Let’s figure that out. 

1. Craving intensifies

In many instances, you will find yourself going bananas for that one person. You want that person to pay heed to you, to listen to your never-ending rants, to chill out with you and to be just around you. Regardless of you being surrounded with your loved ones, you would still crave for that person.

Their presence would mean the world to you, and you would find yourself doing things which you never thought of doing just to be with them or around them. Your day would be incomplete without exhibiting fondness towards them. Gradually, you will find yourself being closed in for that particular person.

Seeking extensive validation, trying to gain a sense of security and worth, receiving/providing emotional stability and losing control over your self-esteem is what the relationship will incorporate out of the sheer lust and compulsive obsession for that person. Therefore, there’s a hundred and one percent possibility of being addicted to a person.

The craving will for real turn into active addiction.

So – Watch out! 

2. Sharing physical intimacy at irregular times

Sharing physical intimacy at irregular times

Everyone values and appreciates an unconstrained sex session.

In any case, when it transforms into day by day, two-hour coffee breaks that outrage your supervisor and meddle with gatherings, it could be tricky.

In the entire process of being with the person regardless of sharing a toxic connection, we tend to think that if physical intimacy is healthy, then the emotional connection will automatically build up and strengthen.

However, get this thing straight to your head – this is not the case.

Majority of the times, one party out of the two parties is fully invested. So, as long as the sexual frustration is released and the sexual impulse is being satisfied then it wouldn’t be an issue for both of the two parties.

The point is that the pleasure derived would be short-lived since the bond the two parties share is no more than an intense addiction.

No one minds hooking up.

However, in an addiction-free relationship, you wouldn’t mind if you went days without seeing other or hooking up because, at the end of the day, the two parties will be very well aware of the fact that they can rely and count on each other.

Victimizing yourself to addiction means sharing your sexual vulnerability with the person who can walk away any day. 

3. His/her love is your drug

You actually feel high around the person.

It resembles an out-of-body encounter that is totally inebriating. Also, when you return to work on Monday in the wake of a difficult end of the week spent together, it’s totally deplorable. To add on it, you are always worried about getting love rather than giving it.

You utilize the other person’s endowments, dinner dates, and little motions to measure his adoration for you, and snap at him if he misses the mark — regardless of whether his endeavors outperform your own. 

4. Is he/she your energy drink?

You possibly feel invigorated when you’re around him/her. Snatching supper with your companion used to make your week. Hanging out with anybody but him feels like an unpleasant chore.

The person is always at the back of your mind and compulsively exhibiting behaviors which will remind you of him for instance, checking your phone for his/her calls or texts, recalling memories at random times to name a few results in unfinished tasks for the day.

Can you be addicted to a person? If you are experiencing all which is mentioned in the previous paragraphs then you know – You are so addicted.

Addiction involves resource investment

Being addicted to someone means investing your time, energy, and money in a person who’s just there filling the void. Making him/her the sole reason for your existence is nothing other than unhealthy addiction.

Don’t lose your sense of individuality for a person who is not worth your mental peace.

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