This Is How Pregnancy Brings Couples Together


This Is How Pregnancy Brings Couples Together

Pregnancy is a process which is followed by parenting. It affects both the partners in so many ways. Ladies, you must have read in multiple magazines and newspapers that pregnancy is a huge thing and it changes the equations between couples. While that may be true, it’s not always a negative change. Even though there are many, many assumptions about how the baby becomes the priority leaving the partners with little time for each other, pregnancy can also bring a couple closer to each other, and this is how!

1. Responsibilities

Suddenly, your responsibilities change, and you’ll be surprised to see how active your husband has become! He, who once stayed in pajamas all day, refused to go out, is always on his feet. How can you not smile like a goof when your partner willingly takes up all the responsibilities, however tiny they might be?

2. Bonding over the bump

Firstly, you’re gonna be extremely anxious during this whole time. It is due to the oxytocin flowing through your veins. This hormone is what makes you feel attached to your baby. Although your husband won’t go through any of the physiological or emotional changes like you do, he will still feel vulnerable, and he’s gonna be super protective of you and your baby. Your bonding over your baby bump will draw you guys closer.

3. Talking about the future together

Planning the delivery of the baby, deciding on a name, getting the clothes and toys for the baby, all this may seem silly, but you both know that the world lies within these small things. All this time while you put your heads together to decide about the tiniest of things, you guys strengthened your bond. Plus those super cheesy yet lovely talks of ‘the baby has your eyes’ or ‘she/he has your pout’ will only make you guys fall in love with each other all over again.

4. Emotional support

All those hormones kicking and pushing around in your pregnant body won’t make anything easy for you. You’re likely gonna be paranoid, anxious, and even depressed. During these times, it is your partner who’s gonna be your biggest support. Also, you partner may not tell you all his worries out loud, but he also has his fears and this period is where both of you rely on each other and realize your love for each other! And believe it or not, all his efforts to support you will have an impact your newborn baby!

5. Your alone time together

Once you have the baby, the breastfeeding, cleaning up all the mess, taking care of the baby, will eat away all of your time. It is now when you’ll start fighting hard to give each other time. And that’s when your together-time becomes even more special, and you’ll enjoy each other’s company more than ever.

However, taking care of your wee one may leave you exhausted and sometimes, your husband may feel neglected. So shower him with affection to show that he is still your number one guy. Also, don’t be hard on yourself. You’ll find yourself often in a colossal mess, and that’s okay. Have faith. You guys will make it!

Aradhana Pandey
Aradhana is a blogger. She writes for Huffington Post, Lifehacker and a few other renowned blogs on parenting, pregnancy, and health.

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