What Should I Name My Baby Quiz?

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15 Questions | Total Attempts: 6392 | Updated: Aug 14, 2023
 What Should I Name My Baby Quiz?

Are you wondering 'What should I name my baby?' Becoming parents is the beginning of a special journey, and picking the perfect name for your child can feel like an overwhelming task! Take this fun quiz and get ideas on choosing a suitable name for your little one!

Questions Excerpt

1. What is your favorite season of the year?

A. Spring

B. Summer

C. Autumn

D. Winter

2. How do you like spending your weekends?

A. Exploring new places

B. Relaxing at home

C. Jamming to music

D. Hanging out with family and friends

3. What's your favorite hobby?

A. Learning a new language or skill

B. Art and creativity

C. Playing sports or being outdoors

D. Cooking or baking

4. How do you handle stress?

A. Meditation and mindfulness

B. Talking it out with friends

C. Rocking out to music

D. Spending time with loved ones

5. What's your dream travel destination?

A. Bali

B. Paris

C. Nashville

D. New York

6. How do you picture your family weekends?

A. Exploring museums and cultural events

B. Enjoying outdoor picnics and activities

C. Going to music festivals or concerts

D. Having cozy gatherings at home

7. What color are you planning on painting the new baby's room?

A. I don't know yet

B. Blue for a boy, pink for a girl.

C. Yellow or green

D. I want it to look like a rainbow.

8. What do you want your baby's name to say about your baby?

A. That my baby is special to us

B. That my baby's parents put a lot of thought into the name

C. That my baby is a typical all American kid

D. That my baby has a strong family bond

9. Do you like your name?

A. Yes

B. No, my name is a bit weird

C. No, my name is quite boring

D. Hmmm, I think my name is really nice.

10. Which movie would you like to watch over and over again?

A. First Blood

B. Breakfast at Tiffany's

C. Dumb and Dumber

D. The Shawshank Redemption

11. What kind of the future you want for your baby?

A. I want my child to be a medical practitioner!

B. I want my baby to be as successful as he/she can be

C. I want my child to be a rockstar!

D. I want my child to be a teacher!

12. How have you been approaching the process of naming your baby?

A. Looking up words in exotic languages

B. Reading poetry for ideas

C. Referring to classic baby name books

D. Consulting the family tree

13. Which food would you prefer having out of these?

A. Clam chowder

B. Chocolate cake

C. Pizza

D. Hamburger

14. Which continent out of these would you prefer to live in?

A. Europe

B. Africa

C. Asia

D. America

15. Do you like it when people call you by a nickname?

A. Yes

B. No

C. Sometimes

D. I don't know

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