Best Marriage Advice for Newlyweds

Best Marriage Advice for Newlyweds

Marriage advice for newlyweds can get new marriages off to a great start and help couples maintain healthy, happy and lasting marriages. Good marriage advice for newlyweds is one that is easy to understand. It gives both parties new insight on important aspects of married life. Many are quite humorous while others are just plain real. Take a look at the advice below, learn from it and implement it.

Enter married life with realistic expectations

Newlyweds often enter a marriage thinking (or at least hoping) that the entire duration will be full of excitement, tons of love and honest, open conversation. A large portion of it will be maintaining all those things and that requires effort from both partners. Entering with realistic expectations and realizing that consistent effort is part of the deal will make your marriage so much better. From the start you also must come to terms with the fact that you will never change your spouse. Marriage means taking a person as they are.

Accept that your spouse is weird

This tip definitely falls into the category of humorous marriage advice for newlyweds. Although funny, it is very true. After two people are married, they get even more comfortable with one another. This comfort reveals strange quirks, interesting habits, unique ways of handling daily tasks and more. Everyone is kind of weird and after the honeymoon, you’ll learn that your spouse is too. When you do, accept it and practice tolerance (some of that weirdness will annoy you at some point).

Have a lot of fun in the bedroom

A lot of marriage advice for newlyweds surrounds communication, emotionally connecting and tolerance. All are important but a large portion seem to have more difficulty in the bedroom than anywhere else. This is especially the case for those that have been married for some time. To prevent sex from becoming a problem, have a lot of fun in the bedroom. Marriage provides a certain sense of safety and security so be open to try new things on a regular basis and actually try them. Sex goes beyond pleasure.  It keeps spouses connected physically and emotionally which is why sex is an essential part of marriage.

Get over yourself

We can all be a little selfish and self-absorbed at one time or another but marriage is the time to get over yourself. Seriously. An unselfish marriage is a long lasting one. Once you have a life partner you have to consider him/her. Think about what your spouse needs, just be kind and make small adjustments to make your love happy. Once you have a spouse it is no longer all about you… but you do have someone that will put you first.