Put an End to Intimacy Problems in Your Marriage

Intimacy Problems in MarriageWhen problems arise in the bedroom, your entire marriage can feel out of whack. Unfortunately, if intimacy marriage problems continue, they can ruin a marriage. Bringing back or improving the intimacy is possible but it requires a little work on yourself as well as the relationship.


What to Do About Intimacy Marriage Problems

With a little patience, you can put an end to the intimacy issues in your marriage. Give the following tips a try.


1) Pamper yourself

It’s in a woman’s nature to put everyone and everything else first, often forgetting about herself. Take time to nurture your soul and do things that you enjoy. Taking time for yourself boosts self-esteem and confidence, which in turn will be very appealing to your husband. Be active, wear clothes that make you feel attractive, and set aside some time to unwind so that you can be the best version of you possible for yourself and for him.


2) Work out your sexual hang-ups

Sexual hang-ups from your upbringing could make intimacy difficult. Far too many women have been raised to see sex as “dirty”. If feelings of shame or guilt are getting in the way of your being able to enjoy being intimate, then you need to work on these issues. Intimacy is a crucial part of marriage and worth learning to embrace. Speaking to a therapist is a great start. Speak openly about your desires. True intimacy comes from being completely open and honest with your partner. Being able to talk about sex and your desires can you bring you closer together and increase arousal. It also paves the way for better sex and teaches each of you more about what the other person wants and enjoys. If you’re shy about talking about sex or not sure how to bring it up; sharing a website like this one with him may offer a good jumping off point.


3) Take it outside the bedroom

Intimacy is about more than just the act of sex. You can improve physical and emotional intimacy by showing your affection outside of the bedroom. Cuddle on the couch while you watch TV, lean in close and touch him as you talk over breakfast, or linger for a longer kiss when you see him off in the morning. You can up the intimacy just by making contact throughout the day, so take advantage of each opportunity to connect.


4) Make time for intimacy

Yes, life can be hectic and our schedules busy, but not making intimacy a priority could lead to the destruction of your marriage. Making time to connect intimately with your husband is important for the both of you. By putting sex on the back burner, you not only risk drifting apart, but you’re pushing him away by giving the impression that he’s not a priority. Put the kids to bed early, forget staying up to watch a show, or mark it in your calendar—whatever it takes to enjoy being close.


5) Mix things up

Sex can become very routine when you’ve been with someone for a while. A lacklustre sex life can quickly lead to intimacy and marriage problems, leaving one or both feeling bored or even undesired. Keep things interesting by trying new things in and out of the bedroom. A change in routine once in a while is often enough to reignite a spark. Try wearing some new lingerie or taking a shower together as a start.


Don’t let the business of life get in the way of expressing your love and enjoying pleasure in the bedroom. Invest time in yourself and your relationship, and do what you can to keep the romance and excitement alive in your marriage.