How Can I Tell If She’s Cheating on Me?

How Can I Tell If She’s Cheating on Me

You can’t possibly feel more disappointed and heartbroken when you confirm to yourself that your spouse has been cheating on you. Betrayal is one of the most bitter of feelings that a man can experience in his life, but before confronting your partner if she’s cheating or not you have to be absolutely one hundred percent certain of that. 

There has been a common misconception that generally men cheat more than women, but this couldn’t be more far away from the truth.  

According to an article concerning the facts and statistics of infidelity, thirty to sixty percent of adults in the United States alone had engaged in adulterous conduct at least one time during their marriage. 

Other statistics show that over seventeen percent of marriages end up being broken by infidelity, indicating that the percentage might be a whole lot higher in regular non-marital relationships.  

Sometimes the clues are more than obvious and are right there laid out in front of you to determine if she is cheating. If you have a keen enough sense of observation, you can immediately spot if your spouse is cheating on you, but what if you don’t?  

Women cheat, but thankfully you can learn how to spot the signs of infidelity before it’s too late.

She pays more attention to social media

We all know that social media is one of the most addictive things available on the market, and of course, we sometimes neglect our “real” lives in favor of our digital versions.  

Although you can’t always be one hundred percent certain that she is scheming with someone else other plans that obviously don’t include you in them, keeping a watchful eye on her if she replies more often to texts is a useful tool for you to learn and estimate how much time is she actually investing in your relationship with her and if she is cheating.

When was the last time you had sex?

When was the last time you had sex

The lack of interest in having sex with you is an obvious alarm signal.  

If your normal sex routine with your spouse seems to have recently gone out of sync with how it usually was schedule-wise, you will naturally start to ask yourself some questions.  

Although this isn’t a definite conclusion (because one “not now” every once in a while is normal), when things start to spiral into a complete absence of sex over a longer period of time, you might want to start getting alarmed and confront her with what’s happening.

All of a sudden she’s busier

Usually, in the weekend’s couples spend time together and don’t make any plans. If you see that your spouse is suddenly busier and has more “social” meetings planned out in her calendar that don’t involve you in them, this might be a sign that points towards infidelity.

This could mean that she has started to lose her interest in the relationship that she has with you. We’re not saying that independence is a bad thing, and that separate social life is unacceptable, but when you start to see her less and less, you might have to consider the option of becoming suspicious of her whereabouts.

She’s always asking where you are

If your partner is inquiring more than she should on your whereabouts, you might want to consider asking yourself why. 

If your spouse is taking long periods of time to reply to your texts or calls, and when she does ask about your current whereabouts, chances are that her true motives aren’t that innocent and caring as they should be and probably she is cheating.

She starts pointing out her unhappiness to you

There’s nothing wrong in exteriorizing what you don’t like, because that’s the only way to find a solution for the issues and conflicts at hand, but when you see that your partner is exteriorizing more than she should, you might want to be prepared for a full blown confession that might sooner or later be coming out of her.  

She might be preparing the field for her confession by speaking out loud her discontent with how the relationship is going.

Although the challenge of spotting a cheating partner isn’t an exact science, of course, you might naturally also have to consider the option that maybe your wife or girlfriend is not cheating on you after all. Communication is the number one tool that you have at your disposal to make your relationship heavenly.