7 Reasons Why Women Cheat- Be Ready to Get Surprised!

7 Reasons Why Women Cheat

“Around 45% of women in a relationship cheat on their partners, versus 60% of men”, says psychologist and couples therapist Dr. Lonnie Barbach.

So both men and women do cheat. But why are men more easily perceived as cheaters?

Well, for one, women are better at cheating and hiding it from their men. Cheating men are likely to get caught, whereas most infidelity by women is never discovered.

Also in our western culture the man who has lots of sex is admired, while the woman who has lots of recreational sex is despised and perceived negatively.

Nonetheless, women do cheat. But why? What are their main reasons for infidelity?

Why women cheat, instead of breaking-up

Men and women have certain needs. There is nothing wrong with that. It is natural.

When a woman feels that something is lacking in her relationship – and she knows she cannot get it through that relationship – she might decide to look for it elsewhere.

So why still be in a relationship? Well, it is because women have a strong need for security. They want and need a secure relationship. By going outside the relationship – and fulfilling her needs there – and being in a relationship at the same time, she can fulfill both needs.

Other times women do it for the same reason that men do:

Breaking up is hard.

They would rather cheat and remain in a relationship than break the news and do it the hard way.

Why women cheat: The common reasons that might surprise you!

The reasons why women cheat on their men are different from the motives that drive men to be unfaithful. Below are some of the most common reasons for women to cheat on their significant others.

You might be surprised about some of these reasons!

1. She is emotionally vulnerable

When women feel vulnerable they start desperately searching for the strength and reassurance that a man can offer. If a guy makes a move at this time, he might be able to sleep with her that very night.

Make sure your woman feels safe and secure with you. In this way she is much less likely to look for strength and reassurance elsewhere.

2. She is a gold digger

Is she really loving you, or with you just for your money?

Some women are true gold diggers. They care more about the money you have and the entertainment you can provide than she cares about you.

It’s pointless to hold on to such a woman. There will always be men with more money and she will keep doing the same thing over and over again.

3. She thinks she deserves to cheat, because she is in a relationship crisis

She thinks that she has a relationship crisis. But the truth is that not every moment of the relationship is going to be full of romantic sparks and sexual tension. Every relationship has ups and downs, it is a part of the game. The challenge is to stick together and work things out. But for her, she might just take the easy route and tell herself she deserves it.

4. She meets a man who makes her feel good – really good

I am sure you know them. Those strong looking guys with their charm and smooth talk. Women fall for these men. They fall for compliments and the flirty behavior of these men. What starts out as ‘just having fun’ might quickly turn into more than just casual fun.  

5. She feels her sexual needs are not fulfilled

The unfortunate man who has to deal with impotency, erectile dysfunction or a small weener is out of luck. Some women feel this entitles them to cheat on their partner. They want their sexual desires to be fulfilled, despite their loving partner.

6. She is confused about her feelings

As you know a woman’s feelings are like the sea. They follow the ebb and flow. Sometimes she cannot stop talking about how good you are, at other times she cannot stop complaining about you. When another man swoops in at the right moment he can quickly turn your woman against you and win her for himself.

7. She gets emotional support from him

Women want to be understood. They need emotional support. And if you can’t give it to her, she will go find it somewhere else. Sometimes a shoulder to lean on becomes a bed to sleep on.

As such it is crucial that you are mentally and emotionally available for her. So that both of you can get emotional support from each other. Besides communication this is one of the bedrocks of a healthy relationship.

8. She cannot resist the temptation

How would you react if cute girls would hit on you  everywhere you go? Women are almost constantly being hit on. It is not so strange that she might cave in at some point.

9. She cheats when her partner does not have time for her

Women need affection and non-sexual emotional interaction. If you are too busy she starts feeling neglected. As a result she might go looking for emotional interaction elsewhere.

Always make time for each other. It’s a good habit to have at least one evening a week for each other, and only each other. See it as a sort of date night, just like you used to do when you were still trying to win her heart.

It can be hard for men to understand why women cheat. But in the end everybody has their own reasons for the actions they perform. Take good care of your woman, dedicate your time and energy to her and make sure you know what her needs are. Those are the basic ingredients for keeping her happy and staying together.

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