Marriage Forgiveness Poems: When I Can’t Say It, I Write It

Marriage Forgiveness Poems

Many partners who are unable to voice their pain and regret face-to-face with their partners may turn to the written word in lieu of the spoken word. Some of the most helpful tools in marriage forgiveness are poems that express what the lips may be unable to articulate.


Below you will find a few examples of wonderful forgiveness poems. As you read them, consider the author’s point of view and how he or she is expressing both pain and hope.


Options and opportunities

When you are ready, consider writing your own poems to your beloved as an expression of your desire for forgiveness and a restoration of hope. Create a forgiveness box also and deposit the poems to the box while encouraging your partner to do likewise. You will be amazed how this practice opens doors and hearts.



–     Surajit Dahal


Why my heart ponder

Why my heart ponder?

I, your offender..

What I gave?

Dark love in a cave…

I promised you a thousand lands

Didn’t give enough sands…

Changing me and my love,

Hiding behind the black scarf..

Hiding me I couldn’t speak,

Feared losing in a streak.

This was my only reason

But turned my passing season..

Now I rattle,

As a foolish cattle

Leaving your land and cheese,

Yet to find me some peace…



-Barry Maltese


If you look inside of your heart,

you can find forgiveness or at least the start


And from that place where you can forgive

is where Hope, and Love, also thrive and live


And with each step that you try to take

and with that chance that your heart might break


Comes so much happiness, and so much strength

which Alone can carry you a fantastic length


For hate and anger will not get you there

and though you say that you just don’t care


You can EASILY avoid the pain on which hate feeds

…the kind of pain that no one needs


Just make the move, take the first stride

let go of the thing known as “Foolish Pride”


Maybe then you can start to repair the past

into something strong, that will mend, and last!


A last word

Do some work on love languages, friend. Your partner may crave a hug or a foot rub more than anything else. Know your partner if you desire to communicate in a way that nourishes her heart.