Zodiac Compatibility Quiz: Which Sign Will Be the Most Compatible With You?

10 Questions | Total Attempts: 410
Zodiac Compatibility Quiz: Which Sign Will Be the Most Compatible With You?
Many people look at the stars for guidance when searching for their ideal partner. That perfect person that will understand your every move doesn’t exist, but at least we can speak of compatibility. How well you match another person depends on their zodiac sign and this quiz will indicate you the zodiac element that suits your personality best. There are four elements in the zodiac: fire, air, earth, Read more and water, but only one is yours! Read less

Questions Excerpt

1. What defect could you forgive in a partner?

A. Needing to be in the center of attention

B. Having problems with commitment

C. Being too predictable

D. Being too dreamy

2. What are your expectations from your partner when you’ve had a bad day?

A. Distract me with current events and gossip

B. Seduce me

C. Help me to write a to-do list and complete it

D. Baby me a little bit with comfort food

3. What you can’t imagine love without?

A. Passion and heartache

B. Adventure

C. Compatibility and compromise

D. Romance and courting

4. What would you do for a romantic getaway?

A. Swim together

B. Explore the surroundings

C. Dine at a fine restaurant

D. Visit remote places

5. How do you like to seduce your partner?

A. I make them feel very important

B. I am hot and cold with them and prepare a surprise

C. I prepare a thought out date

D. I am sweet and romantic

6. What parenting style would you choose for your children?

A. Authoritative

B. Free-range

C. Traditional

D. Attachment parenting

7. What type of personality you can’t resist?

A. Energetic and charming

B. Funny and adventurous

C. Loyal and rational

D. Sweet and sensitive

8. What does the perfect date look like to you?

A. Intense conversations at a coffee

B. Attending a big party

C. Seeing an interesting movie together

D. Having a walk in a beautiful setting

9. What gift would you like to receive from your partner for your birthday?

A. Jewelry

B. A last-hour gadget

C. Something practical like kitchen appliance

D. A scrapbook of photos or something symbolic

10. How does your partner contribute to a party?

A. Buying food and drinks and taking care of logistics

B. Finding a way to connect to that group of total strangers

C. Entertaining guests

D. Coming up with some crazy ideas on how to have fun

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