Would I Be a Good Boyfriend Quiz

10 Questions | Total Attempts: 853
Would I Be a Good Boyfriend Quiz
Do you have someone you are crushing on and are unsure if you will fit them or not? Oftentimes, we don’t really know ourselves until we become romantically involved with people we have feelings for. Here is a ‘Would I Be a Good Boyfriend Quiz’ that gives you a perspective on if you will be a good boyfriend or not.

Questions Excerpt

1. Can you be open and honest with your partner?

A. I don’t think I can tell him everything about me

B. I don’t think I can hide anything from him

C. I think I can, on some occasions, not all the time

2. Do you think you can be faithful and not flirt around other people?

A. I doubt if I can be faithful to one woman

B. I can never flirt in a relationship

C. I am not sure

3. Do you think you can help your partner towards achieving their dreams and goals?

A. Yes, I can

B. It depends, but I’m not sure because I still have my flaws

C. No

4. Can you tolerate your partner’s flaws?

A. Absolutely, yes

B. Rarely

C. Never

5. Do you know how to treat your partner right?

A. All the time

B. On occasion, but I’m trying my best

C. Not at all

6. Are you a sincere person?

A. Always truthful and open

B. Sometimes

C. Never

7. Do you think you can be a loyal and committed boyfriend?

A. Yes, I am ready to be loyal and committed

B. I am not sure I can be loyal to a relationship

C. I cannot

8. Will you be a supportive boyfriend?

A. I am ready to support the goals and visions of my partner

B. It depends, sometimes

C. I also have my own visions, so I might not be able to support them if our goals are not in line

9. Can you take care of your partner’s needs?

A. Of course, yes

B. I’m not sure I can meet all his needs, but I’ll try my best

C. Not at all

10. Can you dedicate enough time to your partner?

A. On rare occasions

B. I am ready to sacrifice my time for the one I love (p1)

C. I don’t think I can

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