Will He Come Back to Me Quiz?

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15 Questions | Total Attempts: 174
 Will He Come Back to Me Quiz?

Break-ups can be hard. But they are even harder when you spend your time wondering will we ever get back together. To put your mind at rest, it’s best to know one way or the other. 

And remember that though it makes sense to be sad, be sure that you are not wallowing. Take the time alone to get to know yourself.  If he comes back, your relationship will be better, and if he doesn’t, you will manage better on your own.

Take this Will He Come Back to Me quiz to have a clearer picture of the situation.

Questions Excerpt

1. Has he contacted you since?

A. Yes, we talk every day, just about little things

B. He texted me afterwards, but it was all logistics

C. He had his friend come by to pick up some things. Does that count?

D. We had many long talks afterward on the phone, they all ended with one of us crying.

2. Does he still have stuff at your place?

A. Yeah, changes of clothes, some books, all sorts of stuff

B. No, he never did

C. His disposable toothbrush is still here

D. Nope, I packed it all up and did an exchange with his friend.

3. Does he talk to you despite breaking up?

A. Yes

B. One or two times

C. No, and I haven’t either

4. Has he cut off all contacts?

A. No

B. He texts if there’s something work-related

C. Yes, we mutually did

5. When you see each other, what happens?

A. We greet each other with a smile

B. We give a friendly smile

C. We both are indifferent

6. Has he found someone after the breakup?

A. No

B. Not sure

C. Yes

7. Who broke up?

A. I did

B. We both did it mutually

C. He did

8. Are you still friends on social media?

A. Yes, he even likes my posts sometimes

B. Yeah, but I think he’s blocked me

C. Yeah, but we never interact

D. No

9. Why did it end?

A. Just a stupid fight, sometimes we have stupid fights.

B. Cheating

C. We can’t seem to communicate

D. It just is too hard to overcome our differences

10. Are you ready to take responsibility for anything you might have done?

A. I didn’t do anything wrong

B. If it means getting him back, yes

C. Yes, I always try to acknowledge harm I might have caused

11. Has either of you said sorry?

A. I’m not saying it first, so no.

B. I did apologize but he said nothing

C. He said sorry but we also fought a bit since

D. Yeah, we both have said sorry

12. Was anyone else involved?

A. No, of course not, we would never cheat on each other

B. Yes, that’s what we fought about he slept with someone else

C. Yes, that’s what we fought about I slept with someone else

D. Yes, he had a relationship with someone else

13. Had you said I love you?

A. Not yet, but it hasn’t been that long.

B. Yes

C. No

D. I said it, but he has not

14. Be honest, how serious was this fight?

A. It was really bad, one of the worst fights I’ve ever had

B. It was not great, but not awful.

C. I actually don’t think it was too bad, I mean no fight is great, but it felt like fights we’ve had before.

D. well...it was all via text, so unclear.

15. Finally, in your heart of hearts do you think he is the one for you?

A. Yes

B. No

C. I don't know

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