Why Don't I Have a Boyfriend Quiz

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Why Donu2019t I Have a Boyfriend Quiz
It's been a while now. You've been single for months (or maybe longer), while your friends have their relationships and perhaps even changed boyfriends several times. But hey, nobody rushes anybody. Everyone has their time. However, indeed you have asked yourself several times already: Why don't I have a boyfriend? There are quite a few factors that will affect the answer to this question. And almost all of them may involve you. It will depend on how you face the response that this quiz has for you. Do it and discover the answer.

Questions Excerpt

1. How long have you not been dating someone?

A. Less than a month

B. Almost half a year

C. More than a year

2. How many dates do you usually have with someone before losing contact?

A. Just one

B. Two or three

C. We usually go out for months

3. Do you go out with just one guy or several at a time?

A. No, just one

B. I usually don’t go out

C. It depends if I like the guy a lot or not

4. Where do you look for dates?

A. I don't usually search. The other person talks to me

B. On social networks

C. Only with coworker friends

5. Are you afraid of being cheated?

A. Honestly, yes

B. If we are not dating there is no infidelity

C. No. It could happen to anyone

6. What do you like to talk about on first dates?

A. Talk about our past relationships

B. Anything other than personal stuff

C. Talk about what we do

7. What do you spend your free time on?

A. I dedicate it to the other person

B. If I’m alone, to my hobbies

C. I don't like having free time. I work

8. Do you keep your ex's things?

A. No, I threw them out as soon as we cut

B. Yes, few things

C. Yes, in a well-kept hidden box

9. Do you know why your dates do not call you back?

A. Yes

B. Not at al

C. They just stop talking to me

10. What are you looking for in a relationship?

A. Someone to pay attention to me

B. A companion

C. Not being alone

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