Why Did He Stop Texting Me Quiz?

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15 Questions | Total Attempts: 1780 | Updated: Nov 18, 2022
 Why Did He Stop Texting Me Quiz?

You’ve been communicating with him for a while now, and things seemed to be going well. But suddenly, he stopped texting you. Instead of sharing fun moments and flirty texts, he no longer responds to your messages. It might have made you wonder, “why did he stop texting me?” If things change without an explanation, you have every right to be upset. The sudden disappearance could be the cause of your anxious thoughts and frustration. But at the same time, you don’t want to appear desperate and humiliate yourself. Don’t let him control your emotions anymore. Attempt this quiz to find out why he is no longer sending you texts.

Questions Excerpt

1. How would you describe the romantic situation between the two of you?

A. We are in the fun, flirty, casually dating stages, but there is no title on our relationship yet.

B. We are just friends, but I hope it evolves into something more.

C. We are in an official relationship.

2. How was the last conversation you had?

A. It was great; it seemed like everything was going in the right direction.

B. It was a little more awkward and forced than usual.

C. It was combative; we got into an argument unfortunately.

3. Typically, when you text him, how long does it take for him to respond?

A. He usually responds right away.

B. He takes forever to respond; sometimes, he leaves me hanging for days.

C. He's very busy, and it usually takes a few hours to receive a response from him.

4. What do you do when he stops texting you?

A. I get anxious and end up texting him multiple times to check if things are okay.

B. I go quiet and wait for him to reach out to me.

C. I tell him off and block him. I don't have time to be treated like I'm disposable.

5. Could he have found another girl that interests him more?

A. It's possible.

B. No way. We both seemed to be moving in sync with each other.

C. I’m not sure about that.

6. Were there any red flags that you noticed before he stopped texting you?

A. No, everything seemed perfect.

B. He had been acting distant for a while before ghosting me.

C. We disagreed all the time, and there was some tension between us.

7. Has he been actively using social media while not responding to your texts?

A. Yes! He's always on social media, and it is apparent that he's actively avoiding me.

B. He doesn't appear to be using any social media platform at the moment.

C. Yes, and he's tagging and posting cozy pictures with other people.

8. Have you done anything to offend him recently?

A. I can think of a few things.

B. Nothing at all.

C. Maybe I have, but I'm not sure.

9. Would you say he's able to communicate his feelings effectively?

A. He is a good communicator and usually is honest about how he feels.

B. He doesn't talk about his feelings, and he leaves it to me to figure them out on my own.

C. He is bad at communicating things to me.

10. Has he ever stopped texting you like this before?

A. Yes, he has a history of ghosting me for days.

B. No, this is very unlike him.

C. He does end up disappearing after we have a heated argument.

11. What kind of relationship did you have with him?

A. We were casually dating

B. He was my exclusive boyfriend

C. We liked each other a lot

12. Has not texting back been a pattern?

A. No, he was consistent

B. Yes, this is normal

C. I don't know, and it's been confusing

13. What does your gut instinct say about it?

A. I think he is ignoring me on purpose

B. I think he is not that into me

C. I think he doesn't realize that it hurts me

14. Why do you want him to text back?

A. It makes me anxious that he doesn't text back

B. I fear he is losing interest

C. Because I miss him

15. Did he seem like a womanizer?

A. No

B. I don't know

C. May be

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