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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 286 | Updated: Apr 27, 2022
Should I Block Him Quiz

Here is the should I block him quiz! We may choose to block someone to ignore or punish them. This can make us feel good in some cases, but it can also make us more triggered in others. But the real question in this test is, should I block him? We've created this quiz to help you understand what it should be like!

Questions Excerpt

1. Is he rude to you when he's with his friends?

A. He could be a little more attentive

B. No, he makes an effort to include me in the conversation

C. When he's with his friends, it's as if I'm not even there

2. Is he reasonably conscious of his own and your mental health?

A. Not at all

B. We haven't really talked about it

C. Yes, in fact

3. Lastly, does he noticeably check out other people?

A. I'm not aware of him doing so

B. Perhaps once or twice

C. When we're out in public, of course

4. Firstly, what are your thoughts on his career prospects?

A. I'm pleased with them

B. His chances could be better

C. I haven't given it much thought

5. Is he agitated if you look at his phone?

A. Yes, he keeps it face down and always angles it away from me while texting

B. Nah, he'll hand me his phone to look something up

C. I haven't noticed anything

6. Is he actually listening to you or just waiting his turn to speak?

A. He barely pays attention to anything I say

B. He actually pays attention

C. He mostly just tells me what's going on

7. Will he sit through your favorite shows with you even if he doesn't like them?

A. Occasionally, but he complains

B. No, we just watch whatever he wants to watch

C. True, but he's constantly on his phone

8. Does he get along with your friends?

A. He is polite at first, but then he talks shit about them

B. He hasn't interacted much with my friends

C. To my friends, he's a jerk

9. How quickly does he respond via text?

A. As soon as he is able

B. Normally, right away

C. Usually within a couple of hours

10. Is he still using dating apps on his phone?

A. Not sure

B. Of course not

C. Yes

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