What’s Your Partner’s Guilty Pleasure Quiz

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10 Questions | Updated: May 09, 2024
What’s Your Partner’s Guilty Pleasure Quiz

Everyone has that one little indulgence they secretly savor—a guilty pleasure that provides comfort, joy, and a bit of escape from the daily grind. From the sweetness of a chocolate truffle to the emotional rollercoaster of a tragic romance or the cathartic release of a tear-jerking melody, these pleasures make life a bit more delightful. 

The ‘What’s your partner’s guilty pleasure’ quiz is designed to help you discover your partner’s guilty pleasure. Is it the sugary allure of desserts, the enchanting world of romantic narratives, or the poignant depths of sad love songs? Answer these questions to uncover the guilty pleasure that brightens your partner's day and brings a secret smile to their face.

Questions Excerpt

1. When your partner has a bad day, what do they reach for to feel better?

A. A box of chocolates or ice cream

B. Their favorite romance novel or a rom-com

C. Their headphones to drown in some music

2. What type of subscriptions does your partner have?

A. Gourmet snack boxes

B. Streaming services with lots of dramas and romances

C. Music streaming services

3. It’s your partner's turn to pick a movie. What genre do they choose?

A. Anything with a snack bar scene

B. A love story, the more heart-wrenching, the better

C. A musical or a film with a profound soundtrack

4. How does your partner prefer to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon?

A. Baking cookies or making homemade candy

B. Curled up with a good book or watching TV series

C. Listening to old records or singing along to their favorite hits

5. What kind of gift does your partner get excited about receiving?

A. Fancy desserts or a box of artisan chocolates

B. First editions of books or collector's DVDs of their favorite films

C. Vinyl records or concert tickets

6. What kind of events does your partner love attending?

A. Food festivals and dessert tastings

B. Book readings or film screenings

C. Music gigs or karaoke nights

7. When shopping, where is your partner most likely to splurge?

A. The gourmet food section

B. The book store or DVD shop

C. The music or electronics department

8. What kind of decorations does your partner have in their personal space?

A. Artwork of food or a sweets-themed calendar

B. Movie posters or sentimental love quotes

C. Band posters or music-related memorabilia

9. What topic does your partner bring up most often in casual conversations?

A. The latest trendy restaurant or recipe they’ve tried

B. Plot twists in their current read or a new movie they want to see

C. A new band they’ve discovered or a nostalgic song they love

10. If your partner were to plan a surprise date night for you, what would it likely include?

A. A dinner at a top-rated dessert spot

B. A night in with a romantic movie marathon

C. A live music show or a night out at a jazz club

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