What Will My Future Husband Look Like Quiz

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What Will My Future Husband Look Like Quiz
We all fantasize about what our potential mates may be like, but have you ever wondered about your future husband? You may already have a few ideas in mind, but will he be everything you dreamed of?There are so many things to consider when it comes to your future groom. Always wondering what he likes or what his best qualities are can leave you looking for answers. Take this What Will My Future Husband Look Like Quiz to find out what your future husband will look like.

Questions Excerpt

1. What would your ideal proposal be like?

A. Something lowkey with no one else around

B. A fantastic public display of affection

C. An unexpected proposal during a hike

2. What do you imagine your wedding venue looking like?

A. Something prestigious like a sprawling country estate

B. Something small and intimate like our backyard

C. Something outdoors that incorporates all aspects of nature

3. What kind of music do you envision your future husband liking best?

A. Classical

B. An eclectic mix of everything

C. Rock and roll

4. On a date, your husband would be most likely to do what to impress you?

A. Go bungee jumping

B. Showcase his vast knowledge of history

C. Listen to you and ask questions

5. What would your dream engagement ring look like?

A. It would be a gorgeous family heirloom passed down for generations

B. It would be a sweet, modest diamond

C. I don't need a ring to prove my love

6. Do you envision yourself having children?

A. I am unsure. I would have to discuss it with my husband 

B. I absolutely want children

C. No, children wouldn't really fit in with our lifestyle 

7. What would be your husband's ideal career?

A. A doctor or lawyer

B. An explorer who gets to travel the world

C. A writer 

8. What best describes your future husband's physical appearance?

A. Handsome and polished

B.  Rugged and sporty

C. Cute and approachable

9. What kind of date would your ideal husband plan?.

A. A spontaneous camping adventure

B. A high-class evening out at the opera

C. A romantic night at home with good wine

10. Which words best describe your ideal husband?

A. Warm and thoughtful 

B. Uninhibited and audacious

C. Intelligent and clever

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