What Type of Wife Will I Be Quiz

10 Questions | Total Attempts: 183
What Type of Wife Will I Be Quiz
What type of wife will I be? Is this your concern lately? Well, ease your concerns as this quiz will help you decipher your current relationship traits and discover what kind of wife you will be. Perhaps you prefer relationship lore that's been passed through the generations!  rnOr maybe you are a millennial who can never budge from your liberal methods. Take this quiz to identify your true self and Read more get your answers! Read less

Questions Excerpt

1. Under what condition, will you delete dating apps?

A. I don't have any dating apps./ I will delete them after I commit to someone.

B. Under no condition will I delete dating apps.

C. Don't delete dating apps! May they bring good fortune.

2. Would you cook while wearing lingerie, upon request?

A. If by lingerie, you mean an apron.

B. I wear what I want.

C. I'm open to all lingerie requests!

3. Do you like public displays of affection (PDA)?

A. Yes, just like in classic romance films.

B. Gross!

C. I desire all displays of affection.

4. Do you always keep promises with your partner?

A. I keep my word!

B. Only when it suits me.

C. Never promise anyone anything!

5. Who are you most loyal to, your partner or your friends?

A. My partner

B. My friends

C. They are all equally deserving of my loyalty.

6. Do you raise your voice during disagreements?

A. Never

B. My voice is the only one that matters.

C. I attune my tone with nature's vibration.

7. Do you initiate sex more than your partner?

A. My partner initiates more than I do.

B. I initiate more than my partner does.

C. We initiate together, in tune with one another.

8. Would you mind having an open relationship?

A. No

B. It really depends! if I like what I see, Why not?

C. We welcome all free spirits.

9. What's your definition of cheating?

A. Having an emotional and physical connection with others.

B. There's no such thing as cheating.

C. Not following your heart!

10. Do you want your partner to arouse you?

A. Always

B. I'll arouse myself.

C. I prefer all available sources of arousal.

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