Quiz: What Type of Sugar Baby Are You?

10 Questions | Total Attempts: 253
Quiz: What Type of Sugar Baby Are You?
So, what type of sugar baby are you? Over the past decades, the sugar baby lifestyle has become more popular amongst young women looking for love and money. It's seen as a pretty controversial lifestyle, as traditional love is not about money or assets. rnBut women in this lifestyle testify to having great relationships with their sugar daddies. Take this short quiz to find out what kind of sugar baby you are.

Questions Excerpt

1. What gift would you like to receive?

A. A pretty necklace

B. Any platonic gift

C. Sexual favors

2. Where would you like to go?

A. Fancy restaurant

B. The park

C. A nightclub

3. What would you like in a man?

A. Handsome and tall

B. Friendly and caring

C. It doesn't matter; I just want sex

4. How much do you value money?

A. A lot, only in some cases

B. Not a whole lot

C. A lot, because I want everything

5. How important is sex to you?

A. Not very important

B. I don't want sex

C. Very important

6. Does money buy your heart?

A. Somewhat

B. Not at all

C. Yes

7. How does your sugar daddy show his genuine affection?

A. Through physical, emotional affection

B. Through hugs and kind words

C. Through sex and money

8. Are you committed to a marriage?

A. Yes

B. I only want to be friends

C. Not really, only sex

9. How much do you love your sugar daddy?

A. I love him a lot

B. I love him in a platonic, friendly way.

C.  I love him because he gives me sex and gifts

10. Is a sugar baby relationship more meaningful to you?

A. Yes

B. It's meaningful for friendship

C. Only for the money aspect

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