What Kind of Energy Do You Give off Quiz

10 Questions | Total Attempts: 87
What Kind of Energy Do You Give off Quiz

Questions Excerpt

1. Do you make an effort to send out positive energy into the universe?

A. Whether I try or not, it happens

B. It's only when I think about it

C. Each and every day

2. How do you like to enter a crowded room?

A. With a cheerful expression

B. It's not something I enjoy doing

C. So that I can read the room, I need to be quiet

3. Have you ever been complimented on your pragmatism?

A. That's something I get a lot

B. I think with my heart more often

C. Perhaps once or twice

4. What do you believe would make the world a better place?

A. At this point, there is nothing

B. Less politics

C. More consideration

5. Let's say, you want to watch a documentary, what would be its is the subject?

A. Real-life crime

B. Heartwarming tales

C. The Earth

6. Do you consider yourself to be a person who is always upbeat?

A. Yes

B. In general, no

C. I'm more level-headed

7. Can you pinpoint the one activity that makes you the happiest?

A. Assisting others

B. Watching series

C. Meditating or exercising

8. Do you enjoy getting down in the club?

A. Only if it's for a special occasion

B. I could live without it

C. It can be enjoyable at times

9. What would you do if you were in a coffee shop and your order was incorrectly prepared?

A. Write a negative review

B. Please request that they remake it

C. Attempt to drink it anyway

10. Lastly, what kind of restaurant is ideal for a romantic dinner with someone special?

A. Definitely Italian

B. Sushi

C. A small plate tasting menu is something new age

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