Quiz: What Type of Hugger Are You?

10 Questions | Total Attempts: 41
Quiz: What Type of Hugger Are You?
‘What Type of Hugger Are You?’ You may be under the erroneous impression that your hugs are a particular type, but the people you hug probably do not feel that way. But in every ideal world, handshakes are primarily the mode of greeting, but others would prefer to hug, offering a more personal touch.  rnBut how do you figure out the type of hugger you are based on your hugging posture and how you go about it?

Questions Excerpt

1. Are you clingy, the life of the party or an introvert?

A. I’m a bit aloof but try best to socialize

B. I’m the life of the party

C. I’m a tad a clingy

2. Have you ever cried in public?

A. Many times

B. A number of time but not much

C. Not in my life

3. Are you a tight, light or mid hugger?

A. I can’t see myself squeezing people

B. I squeeze the hell out of them

C. My grip is pleasantly firm

4. Do you feel nervous when other people touch you casually?

A. Yes, a little bit

B. Never, I live for this

C. I feel very nervous

5. How receptive are you towards public display of affection?

A. I love them so much

B. I like them but not as much

C. It is cringy

6. How often do you get compliments about your hugs?

A. Very Often

B. Quite often 

C. Not so often 

7. How often do people try to reject your hug advancement?

A. Quite a lot

B. People are fond of hugging me

C. Not so much

8. Do you think you are a good hugger?

A. Yes, people often say so

B. I think my hugs are more memorable

C. No, my hugs are awkward

9. How does hugging usually make you feel?

A. Vaguely ashamed

B. Joyous

C. Comfortable

10. How do you feel about group hugs?

A. I’m thrilled about it

B. I find it pretty awkward

C. They’re awesome

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