What Kind of Boyfriend Are You Quiz

20 Questions | Total Attempts: 1019
What Kind of Boyfriend Are You Quiz
There are different types of people in the world. You may be wondering if you are doing what you should do to make your partner happy. While we cannot completely change who we are to fit into someone’s expectations, we should recognize our partner’s wants and needs and see if we can meet them. What kind of boyfriend are you? This quiz may provide you with some details as to how you behave in relationships.

Questions Excerpt

1. Do you want to get married to your partner?

A. I have not even thought about marriage yet

B. I can think about it when the time comes

C. Yes, I think they are my soulmate

2. Do you want to have kids?

A. I do not think so

B. I would like to have kids once I am settled well

C. I would love to have kids

3. How do you feel about cheaters?

A. I disapprove of cheaters, but I think I know that it happens

B. I will ensure my partner absolutely trusts me

C. Cheaters are always going to be idiots

4. How will you celebrate your partner’s birthday?

A. I will greet them with a happy birthday wish

B. I will take them to their favorite restaurant and invite all their friends and family over

C. I will take them out on a romantic date, just the two of us

5. If your partner would ask you to have dinner with their family, you would say:

A. You have plans

B. You can check and tweak things a bit so that you can have dinner with them

C. You will cancel everything that you have to do for them

6. How do you see your relationship?

A. We are just going with the flow

B. We are equal partners

C. We are soulmates

7. It is your anniversary, what will you do?

A. You have almost forgotten about it

B. You would ask them to plan what they want to do ahead of time

C. You have some things planned months even before the actual anniversary date

8. On a normal day, what are you and your partner doing?

A. Fighting

B. Doing separate things

C. Watching a movie

9. What view do you wish to wake up to?

A. A sunrise

B. A city

C. A forest

10. Are you attentive?

A. Sometimes

B. Yes, listening and observing is important

C. Listening to your partner is romantic

11. How does your family feel about your partner?

A. They have not met them

B. They think we make a good match

C. They think we are soulmates

12. What do you think about people who propose at big events?

A. They are weird

B. Extravagant but would require a lot of preparation

C. Very romantic

13. When your partner feels hurt by something you did, do you get defensive or try to understand?

A. I do not understand if they are hurt by my actions

B. I understand if they are being reasonable

C. I try my best to not hurt them at all

14. Do you lie to your partner?

A. Sometimes, but about insignificant things

B. I do not think I have to lie to them

C. Absolutely not!

15. When you normally give your partner a gift for special occasions, you:

A. Just get them something random

B. You get them something practical

C. You get them something they want

16. Do you keep secrets from your partner?

A. Yes, they do not need to know everything about my life

B. Sometimes, but only work-related

C. Never

17. Do you think your partner is controlling?

A. No, they do not have so much access to my life

B. No, they are not controlling

C. Yes, but they do it for my greater good

18. How do your friends feel about your partner?

A. They do not know that they exist

B. They are civil with them

C. They treat them like they treat me

19. How did your relationship start?

A. Online

B. Through a common friend

C. I have always liked this person

20. How do you normally compliment your S.O?

A. I usually just tell them what I think of what they’re wearing

B. I give them compliments when I think that she looks great

C. I compliment her whenever I can because she’s amazing

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