What Kind of Boyfriend Are You Quiz

10 Questions | Total Attempts: 26
What Kind of Boyfriend Are You Quiz
There are different types of people in the world. You may be wondering if you are doing what you should do to make your girlfriend happy. There may be some women that you like. Once they get to know you, they may start to drift away from you. You may have always wondered why. What kind of boyfriend are you? Do you honestly think that you know? This quiz may provide you with some details as to why this may Read more often happen and give you an insight into what kind of boyfriend you are. Read less

Questions Excerpt

1. How do you feel about cheaters?

A. I disapprove of cheaters, but I think I know that it happens

B. I will make sure that my girlfriend will not think that I am a cheat

C. Cheaters are always going to be idiots

2. How will you celebrate your girlfriend’s birthday?

A. I will greet her with a happy birthday

B. I will take her to her favorite restaurant and invite all of her friends and family over

C. I will take her out on a romantic date, just the two of us

3. If your girlfriend would ask you to have dinner with her and her family, you would say:

A. You have plans

B. You can check and tweak things a bit so that you can have dinner with them

C. You will cancel everything that you have to do for her

4. It is your anniversary, what will you do?

A. You have almost forgotten about it

B. You would ask her to plan what she wants to do ahead of time

C. You have some things planned months even before the actual anniversary date

5. On a normal day, you and your girlfriend are?

A. Fighting

B. Doing separate things

C. Watching a movie

6. What do you think about people who propose at big events?

A. They are weird

B. Extravagant but would require a lot of preparation

C. Very romantic

7. When you normally give your girlfriend a gift for special occasions, you:

A. Just get her something random

B. You get her something practical

C. You get her something she wants

8. How do your friends feel about your girl?

A. They do not know that she exists

B. They are civil with her

C. They treat her like they treat me

9. How did your relationship start?

A. Online

B. Through a common friend

C. I have always liked this person

10. How do you normally compliment your S.O?

A. I usually just tell her what I think of what she’s wearing

B. I tell her compliments when I think that she looks great

C. I compliment her whenever I can because she’s amazing

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