What Fetish Do I Secretly Have Quiz?

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15 Questions | Total Attempts: 534 | Updated: Mar 30, 2023
 What Fetish Do I Secretly Have Quiz?

We all have fetishes that feel as though we’re weird or overimaginative. But fetishes, as abnormal as they could be, are exactly what makes us unique and distinct from others. This should be treated as a normal thing and one shouldn’t be afraid about it. Take the ‘what fetish do I secretly have’ quiz to reveal your innermost fantasies.

Questions Excerpt

1. What type of nails do you like on people?

A. Clean and well filed

B. Long and beautiful

C. Shiny and bright colored

2. Which color do you prefer to wear?

A. Lighter shades like white

B. Red

C. Black

3. What do you think about a skincare regime?

A. It’s a must

B. It depends on the person

C. A basic one is fine

4. When it comes to love and intimacy, how conventional you are?

A. I like to go by the laws

B. I’m not conventional at al

C. A little bit conventional

5. Do you like to try new dishes and recipes?

A. Not really

B. Yes

C. Sometimes

6. Do you immediately notice when someone gets a manicure or a pedicure?

A. Yes

B. No

C. Unless the person is in fancy clothes

7. What are some of the things you pay attention to when dating somebody?

A. To my partner's body

B. To how we appear during intimacy

C. To the type of clothes they wear

8. Which of these phrases best describes your taste?

A. I like people with beautiful skin

B. I like people who look good in groups

C. Well dressed people in bright clothes

9. What do you value the most in life?

A. Closeness

B. Sex

C. Appearance

10. Which part of a shop do you visit first?

A. Where the accessories such as mannequins are

B. Where the vendors are mostly gathered

C. To the store with bags and shoes

11. What’s the attractive thing you find in a person?

A. Their eyes, hands and legs

B. Their personality

C. Their sense of fashion

12. What present are you giving your friend for their birthday?

A. A booked spa

B. A big party

C. A new set of wardrobe

13. Do you ask others about their skincare routines

A. Yes, all the time

B. Only when necessary

C. I’d rather enquire about their accessories

14. How many tattoos should your ideal spouse have?

A. None

B. It depends

C. I don't mind the numbers

15. Are you OCD about flossing teeth after every meal?

A. Yes I am

B. Not really, people are busy

C. Sometimes

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