What Ethnicity Are You Attracted to Quiz

10 Questions | Total Attempts: 489
What Ethnicity Are You Attracted to Quiz
Here is the what ethnicity are you attracted to quiz! Do you prefer someone who is hot-tempered and expressive, as most Italians do, or someone who is hospitable and romantic, as most Filipinos do? So, let us assist you in determining this. Take this online ethnicity test to determine what ethnicity you are attracted to!

Questions Excerpt

1. What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?

A. Vanilla

B. Mango

C. Chocolate

2. Which dish do you prefer to eat?

A. Cottage pie

B. Fried fish with spices and vegetables

C. Fried fish with spices and vegetables

3. What is your favorite type of film?

A. Crime

B. Romance

C. Horror

4. What is your ideal weather?

A. Cold but sunny

B. Cold and dry

C. Hot and humid

5. What is your go-to hair color?

A. Blonde

B. Black

C. Other

6. What is your typical weekend like?

A. Reading

B. Cuddle in bed

C. Plan trips

7. What one word best describes you?

A. Fun-loving

B. Intelligent

C. Loyal

8. What language would you like to learn if you could?

A. Spanish

B. Swedish

C. German

9. Do you consider yourself to be someone who does a thorough job?

A. Heartbroken

B. Numb

C. Hateful

10. Which city is the most attractive to you?

A. Vancouver

B. Sydney

C. Vienna

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