Was It Just a One Night Stand Quiz?

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15 Questions | Total Attempts: 2342
 Was It Just a One Night Stand  Quiz?

Hooking up with someone is common, but people wonder about various scenarios, especially after a one-night stand. In most cases, you both know that it was an affair that lasted for a night only, but in some cases, people do feel the spark and want to find out if it was just a one night stand or if there was something more.

Have you recently hooked up with someone? Do you want them to call you back but fear getting your hopes up in case it was just a one-night stand? Please take this short quiz to determine whether it was a one-night stand.

Questions Excerpt

1. Did you have any conversation about intentions or expectations from this “hook-up”?

A. No, we didn’t discuss that

B. Not really, just that we both knew it was just a hookup

C. No, but we did make plans to hang out another time

D. Yes, we both said we wanted more but not necessarily with each other

2. Do you have the tendency of wanting more, even if you just met someone and had a one-night stand?

A. Yes, I always do this. One-night stands just feel so empty

B. I don’t really have one-night stands

C. No, I think we both knew what it was and what it wasn’t

D. I always want more, but I feel like I know when a hook-up is just a hook-up.

3. Describe your night with them…

A. It was steamy and sexy

B. There was sex, food, and drinks

C. We cuddled for a while after sex

D. We talked, laughed and cuddled between sex and other things

4. Did they say that a one night stand is a regular thing for them?

A. They kept saying it again and again

B. Yes

C. They said that it happened only twice

D. They said that it never happened before

5. Did you talk about anything remotely related to previous relationships?

A. I kept talking but they didn’t

B. We both avoided the topic

C. We both shared a bit and moved on

D. We shared all our romantic history

6. Have they dropped you home?

A. They told you to take a cab

B. They insisted but you refused

C. They traveled with you halfway through

D. They dropped you home and kissed goodbye

7. Were you both drunk? (To remember what happened exactly)

A. Yes and we kept drinking the whole night

B. I wasn’t but they were

C. We both were a little tipsy

D. No we weren’t

8. Were you drunk at the time?

A. Yes

B. A little

C. No, we both wanted to do it. It wasn’t because of alcohol.

D. No, it kind of just happened

9. Did you make any plans to see each other again or exchange numbers?

A. Yes, we made plans to hang out again

B. Just for a hook up if we are in need

C. No, we both wanted to do it. It wasn’t because of alcohol.

D. No, I gave them my number, but I haven’t heard from them yet

10. Did you spend the night together?

A. Yes, more than once

B. Yes, just once

C. No, I left right away

D. No, they left right away

11. Was it literally just “one night” or more?

A. Just one night

B. No, a few times

C. Yes, but we made plans to hang out again. I don’t know if it will happen though

D. No, several times and we’ve hung out in the morning sometimes, but they haven't asked me out

12. Did one or both of you just get out of a long relationship, or did it to try and fill some type of void?

A. I don’t know enough about them to know that, but I don’t think I was

B. No, I don’t think so

C. I think we both were trying to fill a void of loneliness

D. I think we both knew it was a hookup and were both open to it potentially being more at some point if things ended up going well

13. Did you know them before this?

A. Yes, we have been friends

B. No, but we’ve hooked up a few times

C. No, never met them before

D. Yes, I knew them, but we weren’t friends

14. Did they say it was just a one-night stand?

A. No, they said it wasn’t

B. They didn’t specify

C. Yes, they said it was

D. We both knew it was a hook-up, but not necessarily just a one-time thing

15. Do you think there was any connection between the two of you?

A. I think it was clear between the two of us that we were both just interested in a hookup

B. I really think there was

C. I think we do have a connection, but just never took it as more than what it is now

D. No, we didn’t do much talking

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