Types Of Husband And Wife Quiz

10 Questions | Total Attempts: 1888
Types Of Husband And Wife Quiz
It is clear that not everyone lives the same love story or the same type of marriage. And that’s mostly because people decide the type of love life they are going to engage in once they settle down with their other half. You could be best friends or very romantic, people normally go with what makes them happy and brings a balance in their love life. So, what type of husband and wife are you? Take our quiz and find out now.

Questions Excerpt

1. Are you still very in love with your spouse?

A. Yes, very much so

B. You feel this way sometimes but other times you despise them

C. You love them very much but you are simply not in love anymore

D. No, not anymore

2. How do you show your spouse that you love them?

A. By offering them lots of gifts

B. By telling them you love them

C. By supporting them

D. You don't do much

3. Are you emotional because of the lack of attention you get from your spouse or is it something else?

A. You used to be emotional about it but not anymore

B. No, you are not emotional at all

C. Yes, you are very much emotional because of all that neglect

D. You are emotional because of life in general, it has nothing to do with them

4. Do you think you are very controlling when it comes to your spouse?

A. Yes, you are

B. You can be sometimes, but it's for good reasons

C. You used to be but not anymore, because it's a waste of time

D. No

5. Do you think you get along with your spouse? Why/why not?

A. Yes, you do. Because you enjoy being around each other

B. Yes, because sex is still good

C. Yes, but it's only because you both still make the same amount of money to maintain your lifestyle

D. No, because you are just incompatible

6. What makes you very happy about being married to them?

A. The fact that you've married your best friend

B. The fact that you accomplish so much together

C. The fact that you got married

D. Nothing

7. What makes you sad about being married to them?

A. Everything

B. Not much, because you are very happy to be with this person

C. Their inability to slow down career wise

D. Nothing

8. What do you like to do for your spouse?

A. Cook for them

B. Encourage them

C. Nothing

D. Clean after them

9. What do you think your spouse likes most about you?

A. Your physical attributes

B. Your honesty

C. Your kind heart

D. You've got no idea

10. What is your sweetest memory about your spouse?

A. How they used to mystify you with their smile

B. How they looked so mysterious before you got to know them

C. How they used to be so generous with the people in the neighborhood

D. You truly don't have any

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