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15 Questions
Should I Let Her Go Quiz?

Whether you have been dating the girl for a while or for years, or you have been simply crushing on the girl, it indeed is hard to let her go if you are attached to her in any way. 

But clinging to any feelings or a relationship that isn’t meant to be will only hamper your well-being and hinder your prospects of finding true love in your life.

So, take this "Should I let her go?" quiz to find out if it’s time to let her go and move on or hang around for some more time.

Questions Excerpt

1. How well do you get along with the girl?

A. We fight pretty often

B. We get along pretty well

C. Lately, we have been facing issues

2. How promptly does the girl respond to your texts?

A. She is pretty prompt at responding

B. She ignores my texts

C. She takes time to respond if she is busy

3. Does the girl seem to avoid you in public?

A. Yes

B. Sometimes / Maybe she feels shy

C. No

4. How often do you meet her?

A. Pretty often, we meet whenever we can

B. Rarely, she avoids meeting me

C. We meet occasionally

5. If the girl needs help, does she reach out to you?

A. Mostly, yes

B. Never

C. Sometimes

6. How does the girl refer to you in front of her friends?

A. She avoids referring to me as anything

B. Her boyfriend/ girlfriend

C. A friend

7. Do you two fight often and do your fights get ugly?

A. We indeed fight often, and usually, the fights get ugly

B. We fight rarely, they are mostly arguments

C. We fight occasionally, and I won’t call our fights ugly

8. Do you think your equation with her is toxic?

A. Yes

B. No

C. I am not sure

9. Do you fear losing her?

A. Maybe not / Yes, but that’s only because I am addicted to her

B. Yes, I love her / Yes, she is a dear friend

C. I don’t know

10. Have your friends or family ever suggested you let her go?

A. Yes, they always do

B. Not all of them

C. No

11. Do you feel like you can be yourself around the girl?

A. Yes, I feel comfortable being myself

B. No, I feel like I have to pretend to be someone else

C. I'm not sure

12. How often does the girl cancel plans with you at the last minute?

A. Rarely, only in emergencies or unforeseen circumstances

B. Frequently and without a good reason

C. Sometimes, but she always has a valid reason

13. How does the girl treat other people in her life, such as friends or family?

A. Kindly and respectfully

B. Negatively or with disrespect

C. It varies depending on the person or situation

14. How often does the girl initiate plans or contact with you?

A. Often, she usually takes the lead

B. Rarely, it's usually up to me to plan things

C. Never, she never initiates anything

15. Do the girl's values and beliefs align with yours?

A. Yes, we have similar values and beliefs

B. No, we have significant differences

C. I'm not sure

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