Relationship Trust Issues in Marriage Quiz

10 Questions | Total Attempts: 38
Relationship Trust Issues in Marriage Quiz
Your partner might be the most wonderful person in the world but once you both start having trust issues things may begin to change. Paranoia might settle in, constant fights and arguing might also start to appear. That’s why trust issues are toxic to a relationship. So, what are the nature of the trust issues in your relationship? Take our quiz and find out.

Questions Excerpt

1. What can lead you to trust your lover?

A. The attention he gives you

B. His honesty

C. The innocent look on his face.

D. Nothing

2. What is the biggest trust killer in a relationship?

A. Cheating

B. Lying

C. Lack of respect

D. Lack of attention

3. Who is more tempted to cheat and lose someone's trust, a man or a woman?

A. Men, because they were born this way

B. Women, because they are manipulative

C. Men, because they have all the power

D. Men and women alike

4. Do you think trust can be rebuilt in a relationship?

A. No, once it's gone it's gone

B. It actually depends on the thing that led to the lack of trust in the first place

C. It depends on how strong the love is

D. No, it's just better to move on

5. When in the relationship do you think you can start trusting someone?

A. A month after you started the relationship

B. 3 months after you started the relationship

C. A year after you started the relationship

D. Never

6. Can too much love lead you to forgive and trust again?

A. No, because the lack of trust kills love

B. Yes, of course

C. Yes, because love conquers all

D. Yes, especially if you want the relationship to survive

7. Can too much physical attraction toward someone lead you to trust again?

A. Yes, because it can make anyone forget about pain

B. Yes, especially if that's the reason why you got into the relationship in the first place

C. Only for a few days

D. No, not really

8. Can you pretend to trust someone or it's something that can't be bargained with? Why?

A. No, you can't pretend to trust

B. No, unless you have something diabolical to do next

C. Yes, if you are naive

D. Yes, but you'll never be happy because you know it's a lie

9. Apart from trust what else is important in the relationship?

A. Laughter

B. Communication

C. Complicity

D. Common hobbies

10. Is your partner the person you trust the most in your life?

A. No, he comes in last place

B. No, he comes in second place

C. No he comes in third place

D. Yes, of course

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