Quiz: Is She Seeing Someone Else?

10 Questions | Total Attempts: 1140
Quiz: Is She Seeing Someone Else?
One of the best ways to find out if your girl sees someone else is if she’s more conscious or sensitive to how she looks, takes more than time to dress up, etc. Also, if she spends more time talking/texting someone else over the phone, you can be sure something is up. Sometimes, body language helps too.  People in a relationship usually realize or feel like they’ve made a poor dating decision and that there are better people out there.

Questions Excerpt

1. Is she giving a communication gap?

A. A lot, and It’s really affecting us

B. Not at all

C. Sometimes

2. Does she hide her phone from you?

A. She does that sometimes and it gets me worried

B. Never!

C. All the time!

3. Have you noticed some changes in her habits?

A. Kind of, but I’m still trying to be sure

B. Yes

C. Not at all

4. Does she ignore your calls?

A. Sometimes she claims she missed them

B. She has stopped picking my calls

C. Never!

5. Is she always looking for reasons to pick a fight?

A. All the time

B. Sometimes

C. Not at all

6. Is she always uncomfortable around you?

A. Most times

B. Yes, she acts very suspicious

C. No

7. Does she give attitudes through her body language?

A. Sometimes, but not all the time

B. She has never acted like she’s seeing someone else

C. She does that a lot

8. Does she always claim to be busy?

A. Yes, a lot of times

B. On rare occasions

C. Never

9. Does she frequently tell lies?

A. Yes, a lot!

B. She does that sometimes and I don’t know why?

C. Not at all

10. Did she stop giving you attention?

A. She ignores me sometimes

B. She avoids our outings regularly

C. No, she hasn’t stopped

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