How Intimate Is Your Relationship Quiz?

15 Questions | Total Attempts: 1390
 How Intimate Is Your Relationship Quiz?

Questions Excerpt

1. Do you often playfully or lovingly touch each other’s arm, cheek or hair?

A. Yes, all the time

B. Um, sometimes when we feel like it

C. On rare occasion

D. No, not really

2. Have you ever lied to your partner about how you feel?

A. No, I share all my feelings with my partner

B. No, but I keep certain feelings to myself

C. Yes, I have used some little white lies

D. Yes, I do that all the time.

3. Can you share painful past experiences with your partner?

A. Yes, this happens all the time

B. Yes, sometimes

C. On rare occasions

D. No, not at all

4. Do you think you should keep some things to yourself?

A. No. I tell my partner everything, and we have no secrets

B. I have a couple of secrets about my past

C. Yes, secrets are necessary for the relationship.

D. Yes, no one should know my secrets and thoughts

5. Do you feel judged by your partner?

A. No, my partner is very understanding

B. On rare occasions

C. Sometimes

D. Yes, they are very judgemental

6. Are you concerned about what you say in front of your partner?

A. Never. I say everything that's on my mind.

B. I share everything but in a careful manner

C. I am very careful about what I say.

D. Yes, I think before I say anything at all

7. Can you tell your partner when you miss them?

A. Yes, I let them know immediately

B. Yes, most of the time

C. On rare occasions

D. No, not at all

8. Do you cry in front of your partner?

A. Yes, I cry when I feel like crying.

B. Sometimes when I can't hold it.

C. I try not to.

D. Never, as my partner shouldn't see me cry

9. Do you prefer for the lights to be turned or off when you have sex?

A. I don’t care because I’m comfortable enough with my partner

B. I prefer them to be turned on as I’m totally comfortable

C. I prefer them to be turned off as I have insecurities about my body

D. The lights need to be turned off as my partner makes me uncomfortable

10. When you're sick, do you feel more comfortable with or without your partner?

A. I like being with them as they help me out a lot

B. I feel better but I am not comfortable being messy in front of them

C. I don't care

D. No, I don't ever call my partner when I am sick.

11. What is the nature of the hugs between you and your partner?

A. Long, warm and frequent

B. Long, warm but rare

C. Short and not frequent

D. We hug once a month before sex, and that's it

12. Your therapist says that you both should come to a couples therapy. You:

A. Are both happy to go together

B. Have to check with your partner if they want to

C. Get nervous as you avoid discussing your feelings in front of them

D. Won't do it

13. You live together and you sleep:

A. Together always

B. Sometimes together, sometimes apart

C. We sleep together sometimes

D. We sleep apart

14. You have some sexual fantasies. You…

A. Tell them to your partner and try to fulfill them

B. Try to fulfill them but without talking about it

C. Try to fulfill them, but you are ashamed

D. Do nothing

15. Do you hold hands with your partner?

A. Yes, always

B. Yes, sometimes

C. On rare occasions

D. Never. We are not kids

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