Quiz: How Intimate Is Your Relationship?

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Quiz: How Intimate Is Your Relationship?
Intimacy is one of the bases of a healthy relationship. Couples that have a deep intimate relationship will last longer and will be generally happier. Having an intimate relationship means that you and your partner should feel comfortable with each other, and share everything together. To know how  intimate is your relationship, take this quiz: Read less

Questions Excerpt

1. Have you ever lied to your partner about how you feel?

A. No, I tell my partner every emotion I have.

B. No, I tell my partner only the truth, even though I keep some emotions as a little secret.

C. Yes, I have, some little white lies.

D. Yes, I do that all the time.

2. Do you think you should have secrets only for yourself?

A. No. I tell my partner everything, and we have no secrets at all.

B. I have a couple of secrets from the past.

C. Yes, secrets are necessary for the relationship.

D. Yes. No one should know my secrets and thoughts.

3. Do you find yourself concerned about what you say in front of your partner?

A. Never. I say everything that's on my mind.

B. I choose words, but I say everything.

C. I am very careful about what I say.

D. Yes, I think before I open my mouth.

4. Do you cry in front of your partner?

A. Yes, I cry when I feel like crying.

B. Sometimes when I can't hold it.

C. I try not to.

D. Never. My partner shouldn't see me cry.

5. When you're sick, do you feel more comfortable with or without your partner?

A. Definitely with. My partner helps me a lot.

B. Yes, I feel better when my partner is around, but I am not comfortable being messy in front of him.

C. I don't care it's all the same.

D. No, I don't ever call my partner when I am sick.

6. How does your hugging look like?

A. Long, warm and very often.

B. Long, warm and rare.

C. Short and not very often.

D. We hug once a month before sex, and that's it.

7. Your therapist says that you both should come to a couples therapy. You:

A. Are both happy to go together.

B. Have to check with your partner if he wants to.

C. Don't want to discuss your feelings in front of him, but if you must, you'll do it.

D. Won't do it.

8. You live together and you sleep:

A. Always together, never apart.

B. Sometimes together, sometimes apart.

C. We sleep together sometimes, but very rare.

D. We sleep apart.

9. You have some sex fantasies. Do you:

A. Tell them to your partner and make them real.

B. Try to realize them but spontaneously, without talking about it.

C. Try to realize them, but you are ashamed of it.

D. Do nothing.

10. Do you hold hands with your partner?

A. Yes. Always.

B. Yes, sometimes.

C. Not really. Rarely.

D. Never. We are not kids.

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