Quiz: Should I Move In With My Boyfriend?

15 Questions | Total Attempts: 70
Quiz: Should I Move In With My Boyfriend?

Moving in with one’s boyfriend is a very huge decision to make. How long one must be in a relationship might be a factor as to whether it is too early or the right time to move in. 

Some people think that moving is a right idea as the time spent together can be used to test if they are comfortable before finally deciding to get married. But there are several factors to be considered before moving in. You should definitely take this quiz if you'd like to find out if you should move in with your boyfriend.

Questions Excerpt

1. Do you live in the same neighborhood with your boyfriend?

A. No, we don’t

B. Yes, we do

C. Not really

2. How often do you see each other?

A. Occasionally

B. Often

C. Very often

3. Does your boyfriend live alone?

A. Yes, he does

B. No, he lives with his brother

C. No, he lives with his friend

4. Do you live alone?

A. Yes

B. No, with a friend

C. No, with my parents

5. Whose idea is it to move into your boyfriend’s house?

A. My boyfriend

B. Myself

C. Both of us

6. How often do you visit your boyfriend?

A. Monthly

B. Weekly

C. Daily

7. Do you think it is a good idea for your boyfriend to move in with you?

A. Not at all

B. Absolutely

C. I don’t mind

8. How often does your boyfriend visit you?

A. Once a month

B. Twice a week

C. Every day

9. What are some of the things you do with your boyfriend when you visit him?

A. Play video games

B. Take a walk

C. Do house chores together

10. How do you feel whenever you are with your boyfriend?

A. At peace

B. Secure

C. Happy

11. Why do you want to move in with your boyfriend?

A. We want to step up in our relationship

B. We don’t have a particular reason for that

C. We need to spend more time with each other

12. Can you afford to live independently?

A. I feel like I can. But I haven’t tried it

B. No, I’m living with my parents

C. Yes, I have my place

13. Does your boyfriend have a job?

A. Yes, he has a stable job

B. I don’t know much about his job/career

C. Yes, but it’s not stable

14. How often do you talk about the future?

A. Most of the time

B. Sometimes

C. Hardly ever

15. Which one sounds like something you have to sacrifice to live with your boyfriend?

A. Career

B. Time and money

C. I don’t know

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