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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 247 | Updated: Feb 24, 2022
Making Love: What\'s the State of Your Sex Life Quiz
Are you making love, or are you just having sex with your partner? Although it may feel like everyone around you today is having better sex than you, it may not be the reality. While it may be that way for some, others can be as clueless as you in identifying the state of their sex lives. Try this quiz to clear all doubts and find out if you're having pretty great sex yourself!

Questions Excerpt

1. Do you love having sex with your partner?

A. Yes, I can't do without it

B. Absolutely, it is so much fun!

C. Call it love-making please!

D. I love orgasms!

2. Do you have sex with multiple partners?

A. Yes, I don't mind

B. No, I prefer to be with one person

C. Absolutely not!

D. Variety is the spice of life!

3. How often do you get satisfied from sex?

A. Most times

B. I seldom do

C. All the time

D. Sometimes

4. Do you look forward to having sex with your partner?

A. I can't think of anything else

B. Yes, of course, I look forward to the adventurous ride!

C. Only when I am stressed

D. Sometimes

5. Would you prefer to be courted before sex?

A. I don't mind

B. Definitely

C. Nope

D. Not necessarily

6. Do you like to role play and use sexual toys during sex?

A. No, I don't

B. Maybe

C. Definitely

D. I don't like to waste my time.

7. Do you sometimes get bored during sex?

A. Maybe

B. No, It's always interesting

C. Not really

D. Never a boring experience

8. Do you communicate with your partner about your sexual needs before or during sex?

A. No, I like it unplanned

B. No, figure it out

C. Definitely

D. I don't need to

9. Would you rather be left alone after sex?

A. No, I like to cuddle

B. No, but I don't like to cuddle

C. Yes, I like my space

D. Sometimes

10. Would you prefer to touch yourself?

A. Not always

B. Sometimes

C. No, it's awkward

D. Yes, it's freaky

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