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15 Questions | Total Attempts: 3249 | Updated: Jun 20, 2023
 Is My Partner Clingy or Just Affectionate Quiz?

Sometimes, couples happen to get so close to each other that they ignore the boundaries and personal space. However, in the long run, this poses a problem as being too much into each other kills the happy vibes of the relationship.

Have you questioned whether your partner is too clingy? Does it seem like they need a lot of attention? Take this Is My Partner Clingy or Just Affectionate quiz to find out whether or not you’re in for too much of a good thing.

Questions Excerpt

1. When you text your partner, do they:

A. Text back immediately

B. Take a few minutes to text back

C. Respond in a few hours or more

2. On a public date, does your partner:

A. Kiss you often to make sure everyone knows you’re theirs

B. Hold your hand on top of the table

C. Not seem to worry about others approaching you

3. If another prospective partner asked for your number, would your current partner:

A. Get jealous and demand an apology

B. Be quietly concerned

C. Not worry about it. They trust you completely

4. You cancel a date at the last minute. Does your partner:

A. Reschedule as soon as possible

B. Take their time rescheduling

C. Let you initiate the next date

5. You’re flying to another country for vacation. On the plane, your partner:

A. Holds you close the entire trip

B. Takes your hand a few times throughout the flight

C. Lets you choose when to make physical contact

6. When you’re in public, does your partner:

A. Enjoy displays of affection

B. Kiss you a few times, but not to make a big display of it

C. Not enjoy PDA

7. Another prospective partner likes your photos constantly on social media. Does your current partner:

A. Want you to block the liker

B. Want you to unfollow the liker

C. Not care about it; they’re confident in your relationship

8. Your partner calls you upset. Do they:

A. Request you come over immediately

B. Ask you to stay on the phone through the night

C. Understand you’re busy and wait until the next day to vent

9. You and your partner’s anniversary is coming up. Your partner:

A. Expects a full weekend of activities

B. Wants to spend the day together

C. Waits until you have a free day and then asks to spend it together

10. Jealousy is often part of your partner’s array of emotions. They:

A. Blame this on you not being attentive enough

B. Understand it’s not your fault, but ask you to spend more time with them

C. Let you choose when you want to see them, knowing you aren’t in charge of their emotions

11. How often does your partner want to spend time with you?

A. Whenever we both plan to

B. Occasionally

C. Frequently

12. How does your partner react when you need some alone time or space?

A. They become upset or needy

B. They understand but may feel a bit disappointed

C. They respect your need for space without any negative reactions

13. How often does your partner seek physical contact, such as hugging or holding hands?

A. Rarely

B. Occasionally

C. Frequently

14. Does your partner express jealousy or possessiveness towards your interactions with others?

A. Yes, frequently

B. Occasionally, but not excessively

C. No, they are generally secure and trusting

15. How do you feel when your partner shows affection or wants to spend time with you?

A. Smothered or overwhelmed

B. Content and appreciated

C. Indifferent or uninterested

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