Quiz: Is My Husband My Soulmate?

10 Questions
Quiz: Is My Husband My Soulmate?

Loving your husband is the first step to having a healthy and fulfilling relationship. The ‘Is my husband my soulmate‘ quiz will explore your behavioral patterns and relationship experience to determine whether he’s your soulmate or your soulmate lives a thousand miles away or just an arms stretch from your home. Is your husband just the person you love or are they your true soulmate?

Questions Excerpt

1. How often does he appreciate your efforts towards making the home?

A. Rarely

B. Often times

C. Very often

2. Do you truly think he’s your soulmate?

A. I doubt

B. Maybe

C. I’m absolutely sure

3. What do you make of your husband’s flaws?

A. Honestly, I wish I could change them

B. I hate them but they will probably change with time

C. I think they’re part of what makes my spouse unique

4. Does it feel like you two can end each other’s sentences?

A. That’s not close

B. Sometimes

C. Absolutely

5. Does it seem like your welfare is more important to your husband than theirs?

A. No, never

B. Somehow

C. Yes, absolutely

6. Does your husband make your life any better?

A. It’s a no

B. Not always

C. Everyday

7. How do you feel when your husband touches you?

A. It feels normal

B. I enjoy the touch

C. It feels amazing and sensual

8. What’s the reaction of your husband when you’re going through difficulty?

A. My husband hates it when I’m at my worst

B. My husband points out that he has been in similar situations

C. I’m loved wholeheartedly even when I’m at my absolute worst

9. How often do you feel comfortable and at ease with your spouse?

A. I feel tensed around him

B. I get along a little with him

C. I feel at ease and comfortable with him

10. Can you see yourself being in any form of relationship with anyone apart from your husband?

A. I can somehow see that as possibility

B. Not sure about that

C. No, I can’t even imagine

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