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14 Questions | Total Attempts: 4119 | Updated: Apr 11, 2022
 Is It a Date or Hanging Out Quiz?
Sometimes it's hard to tell if the date you're going on with someone is actual or just a hangout. You might've been nervous about asking them out, and you're worried about whether you should invest your time or not. Luckily, there are a few ways to look into this, and you can know before you get too attached. So, is it a date, or are you just hanging out? Take this quick quiz and find out now!

Questions Excerpt

1. Is it a unique place to hang out, or is it common to hang out with them here?

A. Common, but it’s our first time meeting up

B. Common, and we’ve hung out here before

C. Unique and definitely different!

2. Does it feel out of the ordinary to go there with the person?

A. No, it seems logical for the first time to meet up

B. Yeah, I’m surprised they asked me out there!

C. No, it’s common and something done before

3. Are they nervous when talking to you?

A. Yeah, we’ve hung out before and never seen them like that

B. Yeah, they’re nervous, but so am I

C. No, it feels very casual

4. Was this thoughtfully planned in advance?

A. Yeah, they had this all set up, which surprised me

B. No, it’s the same place I’ve hung out with them before

C. Yeah, and while it’s casual, there is intent that it’s planned

5. Does he call you slang terms like “dude” on the date?

A. Yeah, it slipped out

B. No, they’ve never called me it!

C. They have called me it before, but not now

6. What activity is happening on the date?

A. Oh, they wanted to get a few drinks because nothing else to do

B. It’s a unique and fun adventure to a new place

C. It’s dinner and drinks at a fancy place, not normally done

7. Did you prepare well in advance and have a lot of thought planned into the date?

A. Yeah, I spent a while getting ready!

B. Nah, it seemed right for it to be casual

C. Normally I’d just go, but I put on a little more makeup to see them

8. What conversation topics do they bring up?

A. Stories from the past, embarrassing ones, and we laugh at it

B. Sometimes they make quips about the past, but they mostly want to get to know me on a deeper level

C. They’re really getting to know me, and keep asking about my future plans

9. Are they constantly checking their phone when you’re with them?

A. Yeah, and it seems like they’re texting a lot. I almost made a quip about it

B. Nah, they check their phone but mostly focused on me

C. I’ve never seen them ignore their phone like that.  They’ve been listening to me the entire time

10. How did they look when you met up?

A. Like they always do, I didn’t even see them shave or clean up either

B. They look a little bit nicer. Dressed casual but still look good

C. They’re dressed perfectly for the date, and it seems like there isn’t any unkempt hair on their body

11. What do you do when you guys hang out?

A. We tease and play around

B. We behave like strangers

C. We flirt

12. Have you thought of the person as more than a friend?

A. I have a crush on him

B. He is a friend

C. He likes me

13. When was your last relationship?

A. A month ago

B. A week ago

C. A year ago

14. What do you honestly think it is?

A. A date

B. Nothing

C. Hanging out with friends

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