Quiz: Is He Keen Or Is He Just Messing You Around?

10 Questions
Quiz: Is He Keen Or Is He Just Messing You Around?

Interpreting someone's intentions can be tricky, especially when it comes to romantic interest. This 10-question Is He Keen Or Is He Just Messing You Around Quiz is designed to help you navigate these uncertainties. Whether you're curious about a new acquaintance or wondering about an existing relationship, this quiz aims to provide insights into their possible intentions. Ready to unveil the truth? Let's get started!

Questions Excerpt

1. How often does he initiate contact?

A. Regularly and consistently

B. Sometimes, but not consistently

C. Rarely or never, I usually have to initiate

2. How often does he make plans to meet you?

A. Always takes the initiative and sticks to the plan

B. Sometimes he does, but other times he's flaky

C. Rarely or never, it's usually up to me

3. How does he behave with you in public?

A. Affectionate and proud to be seen with me

B. His behavior varies, sometimes warm, sometimes distant

C. Tends to avoid public displays of affection or seems uninterested

4. Does he listen when you talk about your life and interests?

A. Always attentive and interested

B. He listens sometimes, but often seems distracted

C. Rarely pays attention or changes the subject

5. How does he respond when you express your feelings or concerns about the relationship?

A. Always takes my feelings seriously and responds with respect

B. Sometimes he's understanding, but other times he dismisses my concerns

C. Often brushes off my feelings or makes light of them

6. Does he show genuine interest in your life, feelings, and experiences?

A. Yes, he is always interested in my feelings and experiences

B. Sometimes, but not consistently

C. No, he doesn't show much interest in my personal life

7. Does he frequently cancel plans or leave you waiting?

A. No, he respects my time and always sticks to plans

B. Sometimes, but he usually has a reasonable explanation

C. Yes, it happens more often than I'd like

8. Does he introduce you to his close friends and family?

A. Yes, he often involves me in his social life

B. He has introduced me to a few people, but not his close circle

C. No, I have yet to meet people important to him

9. Does he make an effort to resolve conflicts and improve your relationship?

A. Yes, he's committed to solving problems and growing together

B. Sometimes, but other times he avoids confrontation

C. No, he doesn't make efforts to address issues

10. Does he talk about future plans involving both of you?

A. Yes, he constantly talks about our future together

B. Sometimes, but the plans are often vague or short-term

C. No, he avoids discussing the future

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