What Kind Of Sex Toy Are You quiz

10 Questions | Total Attempts: 1199
What Kind Of Sex Toy Are You quiz
Everybody knows somebody who has a sex toy that’s a typical reflection of them. You know the type: the person with a stuffed animal pillow who carries a bag full of candy, or the nerdy self-proclaimed romantic who always seems to have a heart-shaped box of chocolates on hand. Not everyone knows their personal sex toy, though. In fact, many people would be stumped when asked to describe it. So, are you ready to find your identified toy? What kind of sex toy are you quiz guide you to this adventure path!

Questions Excerpt

1. Where would you and your love interest probably head to now?

A. Kitchen

B. Bathtub 

C. Into the woods

2. When asked to describe you, what phrase would your friends use?

A. Larger than life

B. Social butterfly

C. Nerd 

3. Which part of the body do you find most attractive?

A. Booty 

B. Eyes 

C. Lips 

4. Please share your secret talent with us!

A. Stamina 

B. Turbo speed

C. Magic fingers

5. What do you find sexy?

A. Sexting 

B. Flowers 

C. Music 

6. What qualities or criteria are most important to you when choosing a job?

A. Salary, of course

B. Flexibility 

C. Excitement

7. What is your aphrodisiac?

A. Chocolate

B. Perfume 

C. Honey

8. Pick a word to shout out if you want the sex scene to end!

A. Red 

B. Pikachu 

C. Just, stop

9. Of all flavors, which do you like best?

A. Sour 

B. Sweet 

C. Spicy 

10. What is the occupation of the hypothetical person you want to have sex with?

A. Firefighter

B. Pro athlete 

C. Astronaut 

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