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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 960 | Updated: Feb 24, 2022
Is He Into Me or My Friend Quiz
Have you ever had a crush on a guy you met when you were out with some girlfriends? Did he seem like he was sticking around to talk and doing things to impress all of you or get someone’s attention? And you aren’t sure if that person was you or your friend!rnThis is an all too common occurrence, and if there’s a flirtation going on when you are with your group of friends, it could be even more confusing figuring out who it’s directed towards. So, what do you do? Looking for signs that it’s you and not her is the obvious way to answer that question. But if the signs aren’t that obvious, then take this short quiz to find out if he is really into you or if it is your friend he is after.

Questions Excerpt

1. Do you feel like he pays more attention to your friend that he does to you?

A. Yes, sometimes I do

B. No, not really

C. I think he pays attention to both of us the same

2. Does he seem more interested in the conversation when she’s talking, or when you are talking?

A. I think he’s more interested when I am talking

B. I think he’s more interested when my friend is talking

C. I think it’s pretty much the same

3. Does he direct his conversations towards you or her?

A. I think he talks to both of us the same amount

B. I would say mostly me

C. I notice him directing his conversations towards her more

4. Do you feel like he gets more “touchy-feely” with you or your friend?

A. Neither of us really

B. Me

C. Her

5. Do you ever find yourself feeling jealous about their interactions whether it’s flirting or joking around with each other?

A. Yes, sometimes I do but I don’t know if it’s just in my head

B. No, I think he pays more attention to me honestly

C. No, he treats us the same even though I wish he would flirt with me or show more signs to let me know if he is interested or not!

6. Do you ever feel like the two of them forget you are there sometimes, whether it’s because they are deep in conversation or their body language kind of pushes you out of view?

A. Yes, sometimes I feel like I am the third wheel, but then sometimes he seems to be flirty with me. It’s just confusing

B. No, I don’t think so. I think my friend may feel that way sometimes

C. No, we all talk together without any of that

7. Does your friend have a crush on him or flirt with him?

A. She hasn’t said that to me, but she definitely flirts with him

B. No, she doesn’t and she knows I like him

C. Not that I know of or that we’ve talked about

8. Does he ever ask you things about your friend that might indicate he’s interested in her?

A. No

B. Yes, he has asked if she is single or other questions about her personal life

C. No, but I think he has asked her things about me

9. Does he act the same whether your friend is around or not?

A. I think he does change a little when she is around and not as focused on the conversation with me

B. Sometimes I feel like he becomes more reserved when she is around and not as flirtatious

C. No, I think he is the same

10. What do you feel in your gut, he likes you or her?

A. Me

B. Her

C. Neither/I’m not sure

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