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15 Questions | Total Attempts: 3637 | Updated: Sep 01, 2023
 Is He Hiding His Feelings for Me Quiz?

Sometimes, figuring out if a guy likes you can be challenging. Some men can struggle with showing how they really feel for various reasons. Whether they are afraid of rejection or they fear being perceived as weak, some men may not be confident enough to let you know when they’re interested. Have you caught his attention, but he hasn’t found the right way to show it? Do you wonder if he’s hiding his feelings for you? Take this ‘Is he hiding his feelings for me?’ quiz to figure out what he really thinks of you.

Questions Excerpt

1. Does he talk about you to his friends?

A. He talks about me all the time with his friends

B. He doesn’t tell his friends about me

C. I’m not sure

2. How does he initiate communication with you?

A. He often starts conversations through text, calls, or social media

B. We mostly communicate when I initiate the conversation

C. Communication between us is rare, and it's usually for practical reasons

3. How does he behave around you in a group setting?

A. He often seeks opportunities to engage with me, even in a group

B. He treats me the same as others in the group

C. He seems somewhat distant and doesn't pay special attention to me

4. Does he make an effort to remember important dates in your life, like your birthday or special events?

A. Yes, he always remembers and acknowledges important dates

B. He hasn't really mentioned or remembered specific dates

C. No, he seems unaware of important dates

5. How does he respond when you share something personal or emotional with him?

A. He's attentive and empathetic, showing genuine concern

B. He seems a bit uncomfortable and changes the subject quickly

C. He doesn't show much interest or reaction

6. Does he try to find common interests or hobbies to bond with you?

A. Yes, he often suggests activities we can do together based on shared interests

B. We haven't really talked about common interests

C. No, he doesn't seem to make an effort to discover shared interests

7. Does he seem nervous and jittery around you?

A. Yes, he is pretty nervous around me

B. No, I don’t make him nervous at all

C. I can’t tell if he’s nervous or not around me

8. Does he seem jealous when you talk to other guys?

A. He seems super uneasy when I talk to other guys

B. He does not show signs of jealousy at all

C. I don’t know

9. Have other people close to you suspected he has feelings for you?

A. Yes, many people think he has feelings for me

B. Nobody seems to think that he has feelings for me

C. Only a few people seem to think so

10. How often does he text you?

A. He texts me every day

B. He doesn’t ever text me

C. He rarely texts me, only after midnight

11. How often does he compliment you?

A. He always compliments me

B. He has rarely complimented me

C. He has complimented me on occasions

12. Does he remember things that you tell him in great detail?

A. Yes, he remembers everything about me

B. No, he doesn’t seem interested in learning about me

C. I think he remembers some things

13. Does he always make himself available to spend time with you, even if it means rearranging his schedule?

A. Yes, he is always there for me

B. We hangout sometimes but only with other people or in groups

C. He usually makes plans with me when others can join us, but one-on-one time seems rare

14. How often does he show affection and use physical touch when he’s around you?

A. He’s usually very touchy when we’re together

B. He never hugs me or touches me in a flirty way

C. He gave me hugs every now and then

15. Does he fully engage in conversations by smiling and using eye contact?

A. Yes, he seems fully engaged when we talk

B. No, he doesn’t do that with me

C. Sometimes, he does, but other times, he doesn’t

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