I Have a Boyfriend but I Like Another Guy Quiz

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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 561
I Have a Boyfriend but I Like Another Guy Quiz
Maybe you're at a bit of a crossroads. It's okay; we all do that now and then. You just need to know what you want more and make it happen. Do you fancy your best friend's boyfriend? Or someone else? Which boy do you choose? Find out by taking this "I have a boyfriend, but I like another guy" quiz!

Questions Excerpt

1. Which one do you feel more comfortable talking to?

A. My boyfriend

B. Another guy

C. Neither, I talk to my friends!

2. Who have you known longer?

A. Just met both

B. Known both for a year or more

C. Known both less than a year

3. Which one is better looking for you?

A. Both are average

B. Both are pretty great

C. Another guy

4. Who better knows you?

A. Another guy

B. My boyfriend

C. I don't really know

5. Which one has similar interests to you?

A. My boyfriend

B. Another guy

C. Both!

6. Does this feeling make you feel guilty?

A. Sometimes

B. Yes!

C. No, why?

7. What is the main reason why you like someone else?

A. I’m not sure

B. Another guy is better

C. I’ve lost some feelings for my boyfriend

8. Does your boyfriend suspect this?

A. He has no idea

B. I don’t know and don’t care

C. Probably yes

9. Since when do you feel this way?

A. For a long time

B. It’s a new thing

C. I don’t recall

10. Do you think it's just a fantasy or more?

A. Probably just a fantasy

B. I feel like it's not just a fantasy

C. I’m not sure

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