Quiz: How Well Do You Understand Your Spouse's Moods?

15 Questions | Total Attempts: 76
Quiz: How Well Do You Understand Your Spouse's Moods?

Relationships can be so complicated sometimes because people often don’t say exactly what they think or feel. So, when your partner says “Please leave me alone”, their desire may be to have some personal space, while someone else would probably want to transmit that they are upset and need comforting. 
Sometimes, it can be easy to understand what your partner wants, and sometimes you’re left guessing. Here are 10 simple questions for you to answer, cross-check with your better half and know how well do you understand your spouse's moods. 

Questions Excerpt

1. What does it mean when your partner looks at you with a gleam in the eye?

A. That they're happy

B. That they want to give me some good news

C. That they had some alcohol

D. Probably nothing

2. When does your partner snap at you?

A. When they are upset about something I did

B. When they are upset about something else and take it out on me

C. When they want to break up with me

D. When they're depressed

3. What is happening when your spouse is quiet and doesn’t react when you enter the room?

A. They are very concentrated on something

B. They are upset and giving me the cold shoulder

C. They are tired

D. They are just distracted

4. What does your partner expect when they are agitated and giving orders?

A. They want me to do exactly what they ask

B. They want me to get out of the way

C. They just snap at me to release tension

D. They expect me to help and comfort them

5. What does your partner expect when they are sick?

A. To be left alone

B. To be offered tea and medicines

C. To be offered a treat

D. To be given a massage

6. What does your partner expect after they’ve had a bad day?

A. To be left alone

B. To be asked what has happened

C. To be offered some distraction

D. To be caressed without asking questions

7. Your partner suddenly comes to kiss and caress you when…

A. They want to offer some affection

B. They want us to have sex

C. They feel guilty about something

D. They want to obtain something from me

8. How does your partner react when they feel guilty about something?

A. They confess it and feel sorry a lot of time afterwards

B. They hide it

C. They behave better to compensate for it

D. They apologize and then forget about it

9. If your partner asked you to cook for them and you declined for some reason, how would they react?

A. They’ll understand and be okay with it

B. They’ll request me to do it for them

C. They’ll be irritated but won’t say anything

D. They’ll snap instantly

10. If your partner is working and doesn’t respond to your call, they:

A. Are busy of course

B. Didn't realize there was a call

C. Are ignorant

D. Didn't want to talk maybe

11. How would your partner react if you suddenly planned a vacation for you two?

A. They’ll be excited

B. They’ll be shocked

C. They’ll not believe it

D. They’ll ask me for the reason

12. If you ask your partner to go on a date at the end of a hectic day, they:

A. Will give a smile and agree

B. Will explain that they’re too tired

C. Will be irritated

D. Will simply decline

13. If you catch your partner humming a song randomly in the middle of the day, it means:

A. That they are happy

B. That they are anticipating anything good

C. That they got rid of some problem

D. Nothing! They could be singing out of habit

14. What does your partner mean when they say they have a headache?

A. That they actually have a headache

B. That they want to be alone

C. That they need sympathy and consolation

D. That they are angry

15. What does your partner mean when you ask them what’s wrong and they say nothing?

A. That it's really nothing

B. That they expect you to ask more questions

C. That they're upset but prefer not to talk about it

D. That they are very angry

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