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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 26
 How to Get Over Your Crush Quiz?

If you want to know how to get over your crush, then you are not in this alone. Getting over someone who you adore is one of the hardest things to do. The word crush may seem timid but it has a huge impact on people. Not all crushes turn into relationships.

Thus, it is much more difficult to completely let go of the person from one’s head. The uncertainty of infatuation is what the thrill is about. If you are also thinking along the same lines, then you should take the ‘how to get over your crush’ quiz.

Questions Excerpt

1. How long has it been since you tried getting over your crush?

A. A couple of weeks

B. Over a month

C. A few days

D. More than three months

2. Did you ever tell your crush about your feelings?

A. No, you didn’t

B. Yes, you did

C. You didn’t, but you think they knew

D. You gave them hints

3. Are you an outdoorsy person or like staying indoors?

A. You like staying indoors

B. You love going out

C. You like going to new places

D. You like a balance of both

4. Are you ready to date people?

A. Yes, you are

B. You are thinking about it

C. You are not sure

D. You don’t want to

5. Do you have a lot of close friends?

A. Yes, you do

B. Not a lot, but a few good ones

C. I don’t have close friends

D. You are not sure if they are close to you

6. Do you feel anxious around people?

A. You do

B. You don’t

C. You feel very anxious

D. You like meeting people

7. When was the last time you went on a vacation?

A. Recently

B. It has been a while

C. It has been over a year

D. You don’t remember

8. Do you feel extremely sad these days?

A. Yes, you do

B. No you don’t

C. Sometimes

D. You are not sure

9. What are you looking for in a romantic relationship?

A. Reciprocation

B. Trust

C. Passion

D. Adventure

10. Are you still leading a healthy lifestyle?

A. Yes, you are

B. You are trying your best

C. No, you are not

D. You are getting there

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