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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 51 | Updated: Feb 24, 2022
 How To Approach A Girl Quiz?
Life is a series of tests; we pass some, and we fail others. We call for some tests, and some call upon us. But one of these tests that call upon us is the test of one's manliness. At one point in a man's life or another, a man finds himself liking a particular lady, and he has to decide whether to make a move or to allow his chance to slide by. rnThe test of manliness, in this case, is his ability to be brave and courageous enough to follow his heart and give it a shot. Come along, let's take this chance as we learn how to approach a girl.

Questions Excerpt

1. Which physical feature about a woman stuns you?

A. Her height

B. Her smile

C. Her eyes

2. I would rather wear

A. A tux

B. A simple shirt and jeans

C. Tattered jeans and a tank top

3.  What’s your most dominant feeling when you see a girl and you want to approach her?

A. Full confidence

B. A little shy

C. Flirtatious thoughts

4. What do you think others think about you?

A. Handsome and charming

B. Quiet and decent

C. Loud and sarcastic

5. What would you say is your superpower?

A. Political speaker

B. Calm and collected

C. A little of smooth talker

6. Which career would you like to pursue?

A. Business CEO

B. Medical Doctor

C. Rockstar

7. Which would you rather be?

A. Smart 

B. Funny

C. Witty

8. What kind of person are you in a relationship?

A. Absolute leader

B. The romantic papa

C. Playful and free spirited

9. Are you emotional?

A. I could be, it depends

B. All the time

C. Nope I'm hard as a rock

10. Favorite hangout spot?

A. Beach

B. The cinema

C. The club

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