How Loyal Am I in My Relationship Quiz

10 Questions | Total Attempts: 1705
How Loyal Am I in My Relationship Quiz
Do you want to find out more about yourself? Are you looking for some self-reflection and ways to better yourself as a partner? Then take this How Loyal Am I In My Relationship quiz to find out about your loyalty and what aspects of your relationship you might want to change!

Questions Excerpt

1. Have you ever thought about cheating on your partner?

A. Yes, many times

B. I’ve thought about it sometimes

C. It has never crossed my mind

2. Have you ever had an affair?

A. I’ve had multiple affairs

B. I might have had one or two affairs

C. No, I’ve never had an affair

3. Do you keep secrets from your partner?

A. Yeah, it’s thrilling!

B. Only if I really have to

C. No, I never keep any secrets

4. Do you openly communicate with your partner?

A. Yeah, we’re really good about communication

B. We somewhat communicate well 

C. I never try to communicate

5. Have you lied to your partner?

A. Yes, many times 

B. Only when I have no choice

C. No, I never lie

6. How often do you and your partner do romantic things?

A. Very often

B. Somewhat often

C. Almost never

7. Are you unhappy in your relationship?

A. Yes, very unhappy 

B. Somewhat unhappy

C. No, I’m very happy

8. Do you usually miss your partner when you spend a couple of days apart?

A. Yes, I always miss them a lot 

B. I miss them only if it’s been more than a week

C. I hardly ever miss them

9. Do you flirt with other people?

A. I flirt a lot. I just can’t help myself

B. I only flirt when my partner’s not looking

C. I never flirt with other people

10. How would you classify your relationship?

A. Very serious and long term

B. Somewhat serious but not long term

C. Not serious or long term

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