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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 24 | Updated: Oct 05, 2023
How Immune To Heartbreak Are You Quiz?

Being immune to something means you’ve developed some resistance towards that thing. When it comes to heartbreaks, for some it’s easy to deal with things, while others build a wall mechanism against it. And there are some who are constantly battling to not let their hearts get broken. Take this ‘how immune to heartbreak are you‘ quiz as it will tell you how you handle heartbreaks.

Questions Excerpt

1. How long after you meet someone do you fall in love?

A. Within a few days

B. It takes months

C. Within a few weeks

2. When was the last time you cried?

A. More than a few months ago

B. Some days ago

C. Some hours ago

3. What do you bring to the table in a relationship?

A. A paper and a pen

B. A kind, respectful and loving attitude

C. My hopes and fears for the future

4. What would you rather do on a date?

A. Ask my partner to pay the bill

B. Opt to split the bill

C. Volunteer to pay the bill

5. What would you do if someone promises to text you and forgets?

A. I also pretend to have forgotten

B. I wait a few days and text back

C. I text back right away

6. How do you love?

A. It’s better for my partner to love more than I do

B. I like to go with the flow

C. I love greatly

7. How long after a heartbreak are you able to move on?

A. I’ve never had my heart broke

B. It usually takes me a little over a week to move on

C. I take forever to move on

8. Do you agree heartbreaks are painful?

A. I can’t relate to that

B. Yes, they could be pretty painful

C. Heartbreaks are so devastating and consuming

9. How would you rather get over a heartbreak?

A. Talking to someone

B. Binge-eating

C. Getting high or drunk

10. What’s your ultimate relationship dealbreaker?

A. Bad sex

B. Dishonesty

C. Cheating

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