How Attracted Are You To People Of Your Own Gender Quiz?

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15 Questions | Total Attempts: 8788 | Updated: Feb 27, 2024
How Attracted Are You to People of Your Own Gender Quiz?

Same-sex relationships have always been a controversial topic. You even have cultures that prohibit it. But the truth is that same-sex relationships have always existed. 

Great conqueror and general Alexander the Great was even rumored to be gay, but that didn’t stop him from being the most influential person during his reign. But when it comes to you, how attracted do you think you are to people of your own gender? 

Push your curiosity a bit further and try our "How attracted are you to people of your own gender" quiz.

Questions Excerpt

1. What are the physical features of people your gender that you like the most?

A. Their eyes and hair are what strike you the most.

B. Their hands and nail polish on their nails are what strike you the most.

C. Their skin and eyes are what strike you the most.

D. Their lips and their teeth are what strike you the most.

2. What are the physical features of people of a different gender that you like the most?

A. Not much.

B. You can't remember

C. Maybe beautiful eyes highlighted by some makeup

D. The hair.

3. What are the best moral qualities that you think people of your gender have?

A. They are hard workers

B. They are passionate

C. They can show compassion

D. They are very loyal

4. What do you think the people from your gender do as a hobby?

A. They create designs

B. They like hunting for fashion at the thrift store

C. They like collecting fashion dolls.

D. They like collecting high heels

5. Is it easy arguing with people of a different gender?

A. No.

B. No, and that's because you have no patience with them.

C. No, because you can hardly relate with one another

D. Yes, you don't see why you shouldn't

6. Who do you think understand you the most, men or women? And why?

A. Men, because you can easily find some similarities there

B. Men, because they can handle almost anything

C. Women, because you have the same sensitivity

D. Women, because they are good listeners

7. Give 2 reasons why you like waking up in the morning with someone of the same the gender?

A. Because you know what to say to each other

B. Because you almost have the same dreams

C. Because you always smile once your eyes meet

D. You don't know, you just like it.

8. Give 2 reasons why it would be awkward waking up with someone of a different gender? rn

A. Because they smell and act differently

B. Because they have different routines and behaviors in the morning

C. Because you wouldn't know what to say to them or how to act around them.

D. You don't know, you usually let things go smoothly.

9. How do you think people of a different gender would negatively impact on your productivity?

A. By giving you the worst advice ever

B. By expecting you to be like them

C. By not respecting your difference.

D. You don't know, you haven't thought about it.

10. What do you think people of your sexual orientation do better than people who are straight?

A. They are better with money

B. They are tidier

C. They are more organized

D. They are more loyal to people

11. Do you see yourself in a long-term relationship with someone of your own gender?

A. No

B. Not sure

C. Sometimes, the idea excites me

D. Yes

12. Has there ever been an encounter with someone of your gender interested in you? If yes, how did you handle the situation?

A. I backed off

B. I said I would think about it

C. I liked the idea but didn’t do anything about it

D. I showed interest

13. What makes you think you are or would be willing to get along with someone of the same gender?

A. I don't think that is possible

B. I used to think but it’s not the case anymore

C. The fun part of it

D. Everything, ranging from understanding to adventures

14. Have you discussed about your attraction to any of your friends or family members?

A. No

B. Just in fun

C. No, I have only participated in the conversation

D. Yes

15. Have you ever had sex dreams about someone of the same gender?

A. No

B. Long Back

C. No, but I think about it

D. Yes, often

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